A Call for Voting against the Extreme Right Wing

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A Call for Voting against the Extreme Right Wing

As it was a plague, the phrase ´the cordon sanitaire´ is used in France for the political strategy with which the political parties, without ideological distinction, are calling their followers to vote for their candidate. This time, the candidate named Enmanuel Macron tries to defeat the candidate of the extreme-right wing candidate named Manuel Le Pen to prevent her from winning the second round of the French presidential elections to be carried out on May 7th.

It has happened fifteen years ago in 2002 when the then leader of the founder from the extreme-right National Party and the father of Marine, Jean Marie Le Pen, passed into the second round of the presidential election, before the center-right candidate, Jacques Chirac.

The same dynamic, along with a wide center and moderate electorate and the support from left wing will allow the social liberal Enmanuel Macrón to get the support from those ones who voted in the first round to favor the conservative Francois Fillon, the socialist Benoit Hamon, including the extreme-left candidate, Jean Luc Mélechon.

A Call for Voting against the Extreme Right Wing

As for Benoit Hamon in the second round on May 7th, there will be a clear distinction between a political opponent like Enmanuel Macron and an enemy from the Republic like Jean Marie Le Pen.

In addition, the former presidential candidate, who was ranked fifth in the elections on last Sunday, called to vote for Enmanuel Macrón and fighting for the strongest possible against Marine Le Pen and its National Front Party.

The same exhortation for its followers was made by the former presidential candidate and the third one in the recent election carried out on Sunday, Francois Fillón who warned that there is not any option to vote against the extreme-right wing.

The left-wing candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who goes fourth in the first round of the French presidential elections did not use a slogan for voting process. However, his director of electoral campaign named Manuel Bompard, stated that it was obvious that they was not to favor the vote for Le Pen.

From a left-wing perspective, the best would be Enmanuel Macrón and the worst would be Le Pen.

A Call for Voting against the Extreme Right Wing

According to the analysts, Enmanuel Macrón was benefitted by his program with a wide political spectrum and a calculated ambiguity which makes it acceptable for the moderate of the right and left wings people in spite of his critics consider him as a creation from the local media and financial system, the local upper-class elites with the neoliberal economic program and favorable austerity one with some social proposals.

It was precisely the extreme-right candidate for the French presidency, Marine Le Pen who talked recently against what she called as the old Republican front which no one desire while she was referring to traditional political parties which requested to be united to vote against her in the second electoral round to be carried out on May seventh.

Some observers point out that the electoral strategy of Marine Le Pen to try hard to win the French presidency, showing the image about her being the candidate of the people before the savage globalization, could be to try to gain the interest from the electorate of the left-wing candidate named Jean Luc Mélechon. She also tries gaining the vote from the electorate of the conservative candidate named Francois Fillon by using the promise about an essential alternative.

The extreme-right leader Marine Le Pen also stated that the electors would have to choose between the total deregulation without boarders or the protection in the second round of the elections. She was referring to her rival and former banker, Enmanuel Macron and the borders which protect the jobs and the purchasing power and national identity which she represents.

A Call for Voting against the Extreme Right Wing

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