A early Vision on the Elections in Ecuador

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A early Vision on the Elections in Ecuador

The inscription of candidacies for the general elections of Ecuador next year will be carried out between October 19th and November 18th, announced by Juan Pablo Pozo who is the president of the Electoral National Council.

According to Prensa Latina news agency, there are around 90 representatives of local governments from 10 Ecuadorian provinces, who backed both candidates named Lenín Moreno and Jorge Glass by the government Alianza País party for the next general elections which are scheduled to be held in February, 2017.

As part of a ceremony, which was held in Guayaquil city, the local majors and presidents from the Juntas Parroquiales (parochial boards, literally), agreed that both the special envoy of the UN General Secretary about disability and accessibility and the current vice president are the proper individuals to continue the work carried out for nearly ten years by the head of state, Rafael Correa.

As for Raúl Delgado, who is the major of Guachapala, the opponent candidates´ proposals are based on the hatred, revenge and do not show any tangible plans for the social development.

On the upcoming October 1st, the Alianza País party will reveal its related proposals for the positions of president and vice president which will be disputed on February 19th.

The opposition

The opposition parties will be represented by Paul Olsen (Centro Democrático party), Cynthia Viteri (Partido Social Cristiano party), Álvaro Novoa (Adelante party), Dalo Bucaram (Fuerza Ecuador party), Washingto Pesántez (Unión Ecuetoriana party) and Guillermo Lasso (Monimiento Creo party), respectively.

Statements by Rafael Correa

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, ratified that he would not participate in the presidential elections from 2017 and pointed out that his Alianza País party would remain at the helm of the government.

“This makes that all have been worth doing it, but as I repeated on the social networks: I already made a decision.” Rafael Correa said in a massively attended meeting with the group that collected the signs to promote his reelection in 2017.

In the meeting that was live broadcast, Rafael Correa confirmed his decision about not participating in the election programmed to be held on February 19th, 2017 in which it will be chosen the president, vice president and members of the national and provincial Andean parliamentarians.

“It is not cowardice given I do know the responsibilities on my shoulders, and I would be in the elections if necessary, but I have a debt with my family.” Rafael Correa said before a crowd of young people who were saying: We are always with you, Rafael!

The Data

A early Vision on the Elections in Ecuador

According to some recent surveys, the Ecuadorians keep an allegedly preference about voting for a very likely presidential candidate of the Alianza País (AP) party, before other tendencies.

The aforementioned party is leading the indented to vote of recent surveys carried out by the local Perfiles de Opinión enterprises separately and the one named Market Ecuador that is directed by an opponent entrepreneur. The first one interviewed up to 904 people on September 3rd and September 4th, recently.

He talked about two very likely sceneries with a total of six candidates: One of them is the former president Lenin Moreno who was the candidate of the AP party and the other one was the current leader, Jorge Glas. Lenin Moreno obtained 49.06% of the votes and Jorge Glas achieved the 30.41% ones.

As part of the two sceneries, Guillermo Lasso was the second chosen politician (CREO party) with 15.55% and 17.55% each and the third one was Cynthia Viteri (PSC one) with 10.63% and 14.77%, respectively.

Market Ecuador agency surveyed 760 people on August 13th and August 14th. It showed two possibilities with seven names: One of them with Moreno as president of the AP party. The results gave 31.3% and the 26.9% with Jorge Glas, followed by Lasso and Viteri in that order.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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