Around Ten Thousand People Dead in Yemen

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Around Ten Thousand People Dead in Yemen

The armed conflict, which began in 2015 in Yemen, has displaced over three million people.

The United Nation office of humanitarian affairs estimates that there are at least ten thousand people dead as a consequence of the war in that nation. The UN made an estimate based on the data collected by some health institutions of the Arab nations about a victims´ death toll.

Farhan Hag, who is the general secretary and spokesperson of the UN, pointed out that the number show the need about solving the situation in Yemen without any delay. It is a high Humanitarian cost.

According to Telesur network channel, Yemen is considered as the poorest country of the Arab world. The UN estimates that near 19 million people, which means the 80 % of its population, need humanitarian aid.

In addition, there is even a recent report by the United Nations for infancy (UNICEF) which shows a death toll over 1400 children.
Jamie McGoldrick, who is UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said:

“I think the humanitarian community is still working on an environment that has been polluted by the impunity due to the abuses against the human rights which affect the civil infrastructure and the civilians, and as I´d said before, the local civilians are the ones who continue suffering the majority of the armed conflict.”

There are some analysts who have denounced the seriousness of the negative humanitarian impact of that armed conflict. The destruction of Yemen has caught a very little international interest in comparison with other regional armed conflicts in the world.

This war, especially, that started with an attack carried out by Saudi Arabia after the local Hutchies rebels carried out against the U.S. and the United Kingdom support. That military coalition led by the Saudi government continues being escalated in spite of the effort carried out by the U.S. mediators in terms of negotiating a peace agreement.

During the Yemeni armed conflict, the have been a large number of underage soldiers who have been recruited which have caused some cholera epidemics and military attacks to schools, hospitals and civil areas.

The majority of deaths between civilians have been attributed to the Saudi coalition and the situation has drawn the interest about the role of the western powers which keep providing more weapons, logistic support and intelligence to keep the armed conflict.

The civilians and the humans

Around Ten Thousand People Dead in Yemen

Journalists from the RT network channel have talked that a great part of the civil population survive without food products, medicines or money and wait the foreign aid that never arrive.

The RT network channel has been witnessed of scenes in absolute chaos where there have been some people who are incapable of walking due to malnutrition.

“We have not any energy left and I have not money for my son. “ A mother of a five-year old boy, who is one of the 1.5 million children in Yemen suffering from malnutrition, said.

Without food and the center of attacks, there are many people who have ended disabled.

“We have not money left and we sometimes get a little bit and buying some thee and bread.” A man and his brother to whom the malnutrition have weakened so much that they cannot walk, said.

By Ana Teresa Badía

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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