Bombing in Yemen

2017-02-02 06:48:50 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Bombing in Yemen

The first anti-terrorist operation, which was approved by the U.S. president Donald Trump and carried out, in Yemen, caused 58 people dead of whom there were 16 civilian ones, included women and children.

The attack used drones and helicopters in Bayda province that is located to the north of that nation and some 270.000 kilometers to the south of Sana which is its capital city.

The local chief of the Al Qaeda terrorist cell, who is a foreign and identified as Aby Barazan, is among the people dead in that operation.

According to the BCC TV network, a provincial official Yemeni added that the helicopters attacked a hospital, a mosque and a school.

Rita Katz, who is the director of the monitoring center of the Islamic centers, also reported the death of the eight-year old daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki that is an US-Yemeni radical imam and deceased leader of the Al Qaeda group who was killed in 2011 during an U.S. bombing.

Numbers of Yemen

Bombing in Yemen

According to some estimations delivered by the United Nations, the numbers, after more than 19 months of armed conflict, are alarming ones and it is estimated that there are nearly 10.000 people dead, 30.000 ones are wounded, 3.2 million has been displaced, 14 million experience lack of food, 14.4 million lack of medical care, 3.3 million people have malnutrition, included 462.000 children who suffers a serious malnutrition.

As part of the effects of the armed conflict, the basic civil infrastructure has been disrupted. It has been carried out 325 verified attacks against school, health centers, markets, roads and other places such as clinics. It has been used cluster bombs in two residential zones, at least.

Yemen has been hardly stricken on a really violent context by a huge international coalition and that nation´s inner context which are led by Al-Qaeda in the Arabic peninsula and the Islamic Army.

Another Condemn

While the Yemeni Ansarolá popular movement condemned the illegal and illegitimate order issued last Firday by the new U.S. head of state against seven countries with a Muslin majority such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan.

“It is a sovereign right of the United States. However, it is illegal or illegitimate to consider Yemen as a very likely source of terrorism or extremism.” The sources of the local Foreign Ministry based in Sana, under the control of Ansarola movement.

The sources of the Yemeni government, who is led by the former President Adbu Rabu Mansur Hadi, pointed out: “Those decisions support the position of the extremists and encourage the discrimination.”

Finally, the sources of the Yemeni foreign ministry regretted the decree issued by the U.S. President Trump:

“Even though it could be for a short period of time. It prevents the entry of the Yemeni citizens to the United States. Donald Trump imposed new obstacles for the entry of radical Muslins as refugees and he promised a great reconstruction of the U.S army."

By Ana Teresa Badía

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