Brazil trying to Buy Votes

2016-08-24 11:05:42 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Brazil trying to Buy Votes

José Sierra, who is the acting foreign secretary from the Brazilian government, tried to buy some votes in Uruguay to prevent Venezuela to assume the presidency of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur).

Nin Novoa, who is the foreign secretary from Uruguay, denounced this while he was participating at the International Issues Commission of Deputies of that nation, according to the information released by the El País newspaper from Uruguay.

“We do not like at all that José Sierra came to Uruguay to tell us what he made it a public issue, that is why, I say that they came with the idea about suspending the transfer; besides, if it was withdrawn, they would try to absorb us into their negotiations with other nations as if they were desiring to buy the vote of Uruguay.” Nin Novoa pointed out.

Venezuela assumed the temporary presidency of Mercosur on the past July 29 th, and in spite of its rules, Paraguay, Argentina and the acting Brazilian government, have rejected to recognize that transfer.

On this sense, Nin Novoa said

“Those actions are aimed at evading and eroding the Venezuelan presidency. That is the whole truth.”

Likewise, Nin Novoa ratified his solidarity with the Venezuelan government and his collaboration to solve the situation that is experienced at the Mercosur where there is an attempt about banning Venezuela.

Before that situation, the Brazilian government of Michael Temer convened the ambassador Carlos Amorín Tenconi from Uruguay.

The statements by Lula

The former Brazilian president, Lula Da Silva, expressed in a meeting carried out in Sao Paulo to have felt forgotten in the then Olympic Games which were being carried in Rio de Janeiro.

Lula Da Silva used the name of a film to express his opinion ´I was forgotten´ that is the way in which it was named the comedy entitled´ My poor Angel: alone at house.´ The former president added: “I realized that there would have not be Olympic Games if it had not been by me.”

The election of Río de Janeiro as the venue of the Olympic Games took place in 2009 in Copenhagen as part of the second term of Lula who was present in that European city as it was then broadcast by the Telesur network channel.

To make matters worse, their organization was directed during Dilma´s term. The one who is now separated from her position under a parliamentary maneuver which is regarded as a coup.

Three months of the current acting government

On last Friday, Michel Temer turned three months as the acting president of the most populated and economically powerful nation of Latin America. The result of that period of time is not a favorable one. Moreover, his popularity is shows a 14 % in spite the unanimous support by the local mass media monopolies.

From the 81 senators, who will be judging the separated president Dilma Rousseff, there are up to 35 ones that are both part of judicial processes and under investigation due to the charge on corruption.

According to some analysts, right on Thursday, August 25th when the Brazilian Senate will begin the vote that will determine the future of Vilma Rousseff and her 54 million of votes obtained in 2014, Michael Temer will announce the public enterprises to be privatized.


The local social movements and unions that are part of the Popular Brazil Front have gone to the streets in different cities such as Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Aracaju, Recife, Joao Pessoa, Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte to defend the democracy and protesting against the political trial applied to Dilma Rousseff.

In addition, the demonstrators are opposed to the local Complementary law of the current acting president Michael Temer. The law plans the freezing of the salaries, the subcontracting and the gradual deprivation of the work by the public officials and the public services for the population.

The political scenery has had intense days of demonstrations by six local unions in the big cities of Brazil against the initiatives of the Michel Temer´s government about modifying the labor law in force since 1943, as well as the retirement system.

On August 4th, the local organizations, which are part of the Popular Brazil Front, wrote on a public text that the Dilma Rouseff´s dismissal has not a legal ground and it was a double coup that was being carried out even to stop the investigations which would reach the real swindlers. Moreover, they pointed out that this was not a coup against a president who had been legitimately elected, it was a coup against the millions of votes which would be reversed against the Brazilian constitution.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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