Calle 13: A Map for Authenticity

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With 12 Grammy awards to its credit and millions of young fans in Iberoamerica, Puerto Rican band Calle 13 has its feet well set on the ground and it has found “a map” for authenticity.

Rene Perez “Residente” and Eduardo Cabra “Visitante” will be performing for the Cuban people on Tuesday, March 23, in Havana’s Jose Marti anti-imperialist tribune, after two years of failed attempts to travel to the island due to obstacles set by the American government.

Exponents of Hip Hop, Rap and urban music, these boricuas, who came to the fore in 2005, sing about such topics like emigration, violence, unemployment, all of them ills that afflict most peoples.

“Calle 13 sin mapa” (Calle 13 Without Map), a documentary film premiered during last December’s International Festival of New Latin America Cinema of Havana, tells the reasons that drove the two young creators into dealing with social issues.

The film is a testimony of an inquiry trip led by the two musicians starting in Peru through Venezuela to appreciate the culture of ethnic groups and the coexistence of their communities.

Rene said he was deeply moved by the murder of Puerto Rican pro-independence fighter Filiberto Ojeda in 2005, who was shot by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and left bleeding to death.

He mentioned that several of his friends from childhood had been killed by the police, which, all together, inspired him to write a song under the ironic title of “Querida FBI” (Dear FBI). The CDs with the song were later handed down to the people on the streets of San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital.

From that moment on, the restless artists found the latitudes of authenticity to draw a map of denunciations of the hottest realities of our people. Not wanting to stick to superficiality, they took advantage of fame to spread a humanist message.

Transgressors, irreverent, with strong and aggressive lyrics and a rhythm that gets into the blood of the younger generations, Calle 13’members defend the future of the marginalized in Latin America and the rest of the world.


(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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