Ecuador and its Transparent Elections

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Ecuador and its Transparent Elections

Juan Pablo Pozo, who is the president of the Electoral Council (CNE) in Ecuador, stated that the electoral system is ready for the general elections of the upcoming February 19th, after an electoral practice was carried out.

“I do want to thank to the nation that we are completely ready. It is process in which all the systems have passed the current required norms of the Electoral Council. Therefore, this is a guarantee I terms of an impeccable electoral process for the nation.” The aforementioned official highlighted.

Throughout the 24 provinces from that nation, the CNE checked the technology’s capability by means of a related test that was also carried out in the polls overseas.

The representative from the South American Nations Association (UNASUR), Luis Franco, pointed out that there were up to three related reports which would be delivered: One of them on Friday, before the elections, another one on the next day of the electoral process and another one two days after the votes.

“We are not interested in a successful electoral test, we are interest in achieving successful elections and that is why, we are ready technically by guaranteeing a proper technical, operational and logistical electoral day to the nation.” Juan Pablo Pozo said at a Press conference carried out in Quito when that test concluded.

Ecuador and its Transparent Elections

One of those changes for those elections will be the elimination of the Intermediate Scrutiny Boards by which the related process will be broadcast from the electoral polls on February 9th.

It was also carried out a call for the social organizations to authorize their representatives for them to carry out their work as observers of the electoral day:

The delivery of the electoral kits will start on Monday in some local provinces of the Amazonia as it is established by the electoral calendar that the CNE approved in 2016. All the materials will be guarded by the members of the local Armed Forces.

Ecuador and its Transparent Elections


In this Ecuadorean presidential elections, it will be decided if the current popular and anti-neoliberal project, which has a strong Latin American will of the Alianza País party, keeps the presidency and its legislative position or if the opposition options won them.

The current government of Rafael Correa increased the State incomes and it has kept a public investment of the 25% with an increase of the 4.5 % annually. It has highly encouraged the growing of the local economy and achieved a Gross Domestic Product of up to $ 46000 million dollars in 2007 and $ 110,000 million in 2016. The poverty of 2 million people was reduced.

Even though the local economy experienced a decrease in 2015 and 2016 as a consequence of the decrease of the oil´s price, the natural phenomena and the low price of the dollar currency, among other causes. It has been increased the growing and kept the social programs.

During the years of the government led by Rafael Correa, the nation increased a 700 % its expenses in public health and up to a 400% in the educational sector.

At present, the unemployment reaches the 4.5 %, one of the lowest of the region, and there are 2 million people who are benefited by the local Bono de Desarrollo Humano (Human Development Bonus) which benefits the elderly people and single mothers.

Lenin Moreno. Ecuador and its Transparent Elections

Surveys and Proposals

The candidate, Lenín Moreno, who was the vice-president of that nation from 2007 to 2013, will have Jorge Glas as his other representative. He has had the same post to date. That binomial has kept ahead in the surveys.
In the last weeks, it has decreased the local preference about the intent of vote shown by the right-wing candidacy of the multimillionaire banker, Guillermo Lasso, and the social democrat, Cynthia Viteri who will be disputing the second post.
“All the surveys show us as the winners and that is why, I am telling the truth and I am not offering anything because I am going to win the elections.” Lenín Moreno pointed out.

Lenín Moreno also talked about the net of corruption that was discovered in the state Petro Ecuador company which was also denounced by the own government.

Lenín Moreno presented his plan entitled ´Toda una vida´ which includes five central themes with which it is expected to cover all the sectors of the society through bonus and houses. The proposals was announced at the local Construcción de Quito Cámara event.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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