The Announcements by the Elected Mexican President

2018-07-17 10:02:40 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Announcements by the Elected Mexican President

Andrés López Obrador, who is the elected president of Mexico, presented the guidelines which will include the reform to be sent to the Mexican Congress and they were announced in a meeting held with elected deputies and senators

The relation of aspects to be considered would be:

  1. The regulation law to be applied in the three powers of the 277 article of the Mexican constitution which establishes that any official could receive more than the president of the Republic.
  2. Preparing a legal reform for the creation of the secretary of Public Safety.
  3. Elaborate the project on the reform to finish the privileges which includes to modify the article number 108 of the Mexican constitution to add that the acting president of the republic can be judged due to the crimes on the electoral freedoms and corruption crimes. Moreover, the public officials´ privileges will be suspended.
  4. Reforming the law to consider as serious crimes without the right to be on bail, the corruption in all its modalities, the fuel robbery and the electoral fraud through any of its modalities, too.
  5. Elaborate the incomes law and the budget for 2019 with the Treasury Department secretary´s coordination of the next government of the republic.
  6. Reforming the law corresponding to work transfer the Presidential headquarter into the Defense secretary.
  7. Revert the recent decree on water privatization and requesting the participation of the next secretary of the environment on that process.
  8. Modifying or repeal the Educational Reform laws in coordination with the secretary of Public education.
  9. Stablishing the right to the Public and free Education through all the academic levels into the third article of the constitution.
  10. Stablishing the election mechanism for the revocation of the term of office and eliminating the obstacles for the elimination of the citizen election which will have to have a binding nature in order to be able to carry out a popular democracy.
  11. Checking if it was needed to carry out any reform to enhance and double the minimum salary in the north border zone of that nation, according to the project that will be applying through the economics secretary´s office.
  12. Carrying out the change of the laws, regulations, decrees or agreements to adjust the government´s managing structure to the Republican Austerity plan which will imply to mix areas, eliminating under-secretary´s offices, related centers, polices stations in the states and other institutions, as well as regrouping the unionized and public officials.

Anyone of the public worker would be fired. The staff´s adjustment would be applied to the established officials as announced and that is to say the administrative highest levels with which there would be freedom to carry out the necessary changes.

The related proposal highlights the regulatory law on maximum salaries which will establish the income reduction of the high-level public workers and it does not allow that any official collects more than the head of state. López Obrador confirmed that he will gain less than half of the salary won by the current head of state, Enrique Peña Nieto, besides, he announced the Constitution´s alteration so that the main authority of the state could be judged in case of corruption or electoral crimes.

It is also significant the idea about stopping the water´s privatization and the recovery of the public educational policies which try to guarantee the free service through the different academic levels.

By Ana Teresa Badía.

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