Emmanuel Macron and his Government Proposal

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Emmanuel Macron and his Government Proposal

Emmanuel Macron is the first elected French head of state who does not come from that nation´s main traditional parties since the foundation of the modern republic in 1958.

According to the defined numbers shown by the Ministry of Interior of France, Emmanuel Macron got 20.7 million votes by surpassing the candidacy of the ultra-right National Front, Marine Le Pen who obtained 10.6 million. The extreme-right politician admitted her defeat shortly after the closing of the polls and she called her opponent to wish him a sucessful future.

She admitted, before her followers in the nearby area of the Louvre Museum, the difficulties which he would have to face at the head of the nation:

“The need to moralize the public life, defending the vitality of our democracy, strengthening our economics, building new protections before the surrounding world, as well as finding a place for everyone to rebuild our Europe and guaranteeing safety for all the French people.” She mentioned a list of pending issues.

Emmanuel Macron referred to the need about looking for the reconciliation and unity among the French people and he asked for respect to those who voted for Marine Le Pen.

“I am going to do all could be possible so that they will not need voting for an extreme-right candidate.” He pointed out.

Emmanuel Macron and his Government Proposal

Emmanuel Macron, aged 39, is the youngest president in the history of France. The former banker. The former banker and ministry of economics of the last president François Hollande is regarded as a kind of UFO within the French politics due to his atypical career.

Before the general skepticism, he launched a campaign named´En Marchel´ that had a private funding and was at the margin of the traditional parties which have ruled in these last decades.

Emmanuel Macron was born in 1977 in Amiens. He was part of family of doctors from the middle class of the North of France. He grew up with his grandmother who was a director of a school. She taught him the passion for reading and the philosophy, theater and the classic music.
After having studied in schools of the French elite, he began his banker career in the private sector.

It can be remember the law with his name, ´the Macron law, ´ that was implemented when he was the ministry of economics in 2015. Those norms are a series of reforms such as the development of a net of international buses to compete with the train and plane transportations or the one about the opening of the local trades on Sundays which was a norm that caused many protests throughout France and an intense political debate.

Some related data

Emmanuel Macron and his Government Proposal

Throughout the day, the data announced by the local Ministry of Interior have confirmed the decreasing tendency, the minimum in the second electoral round since 1969. It was also observed the highest abstention parameter from the last 48 years.

Since 1974, the participation in the second electoral round has always been more important that the first one, except in 2017 when it remained equal. The last and only precedent of a candidate of the National Front who was then disputing the presidency took place in 2002 and the second electoral round had a higher participation than the first one.

These elections are the first ones in which the traditional, conservative and socialist French parties are not disputing this second round. This might have encouraged the related demobilization.

There are some 47 million people who were called for poll stations to vote for the new president of the French Republic and there were 1.3 million of them who live in overseas France. Moreover, it was necessary to have the French nationality, being an adult and being registered in the electoral lists.


Emmanuel Macron and his Government Proposal

“In the district number 20 from Paris, there were some clashes among the demonstrators and the police agents who had used tear gases after a crowd was throwing some bottles.” The RIA Novosti news agency reported.

“Before the beginning of the clashes, the local crowd began to walk towards the police cordon.” A correspondent from that agency reported.
The traffic of that zone was blocked and the demonstrators shouted slogans against fascists and capitalists. There are also feminists women who marched against Marie le Pen.

The Macron Program

Emmanuel Macron and his Government Proposal

According to some international agencies and the AFP one, the new French president´s government program is featured by these:
Defense of the European Union, reforms to the retirement system and the reduction of the number of members of the parliament as some of his main proposals.

Budget and Related Procedure

-Elimination of 120.00 posts of officials.
-Reduction of the public expenditure into 60.000 million Euro currency in a deadline of five-year period.
-Reduction of the taxes in the payrolls.
-Decrease of the tax of societies.
-Transformation of the tax about the heritage into a tax about the real state one (financial ytax excluded).


-The proposal about the announcement throughout the European Union of a series of democratic conventions which would lead into an adopted project by all those nations that could be interested about them, after the elections in Autumn 2017,
-A budget, a parliament and a Minister of finance for the Euro zone.
-Duration of the displaced workers´ permission of residence for a year.
-Creation of a force of up to 5.000 European border guards.
-European fund of defense to finance the common military equipment.
-Control of foreign investments in Europe.
-Preserve the access into the European public market to the enterprises which have less than half of its production in Europe.
Security and defense
-Creation of 10.000 police posts and officials.
-15.000 new posts in prison.
-All the sentence imposed would be carried out.
-The general staff of the centralized intelligence services which are linked with Defense Council and the president of the Republic.
- Universal secure system for unemployment with taxes.
-A system to sanction the enterprises that abuse of the short-term duration.
-The elimination of the unemployment benefit if over two allegedly working offers were rejected.

Social Protection

-System of universal retirement with common calculation norms.
- Creation for a unique social help with gather some minimum social services.
-The revalue of $ 100 Euro currency monthly used for subside payment of disabled adults and the minimum elderly’s pension.
-Eyeglasses, auditory and dental prosthesis up to 100% before 20122.


-Reduction of a 50% of the energy production from nuclear origin before 2025.
-Bonus of $ 1.000 Euros due to the buying of less polluting vehicle.
-Renovation of a million of houses.
-The 50% of the food will be ecological ones in the school´s dining rooms and enterprises before 2022.

Public Life

-The embers of the parliaments will be forbidden to use their relatives.
-The reduction of the numbers of parliamentary in a third.
-Three successive terms as a maximum.
-The often use of the emergency procedure to approve the laws.

Education, culture, family

-Autonomy of the school and university centers to hire.
-The creation of around 4.000 and 5.000 educational posts.
-The Prohibition of cell phones in the primary and secondary schools.
-The teaching of religions at the school.
-The cultural check of up to $ 500 Euros for each French citizen turning 18years of age.
-The Authorization of the assisted reproduction for couple of women and women alone.

Immigration and discrimination

-The check of the asylum request in less than six months, included resources.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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