The Golden Age: A Book of All Times

The magazine entitled The Golden Age was launched for the first time on July of 1889, literary publication written in New York dedicated for children of Latin America

Gaza and Iran: Distorted Reality

The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro has been warning since last week on the risks of a possible nuclear flare up in the Persian Gulf and Straight of Hormuz provoked by the United States and Israel due to the deployment of ships and aircrafts in the region. “The world is hanging by a thread”, said Fidel

Oil Spill Tragedy: Now in Video Games

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, characterized by experts as the worst in history with over 500 million liters of crude in the region, has a tremendous ecological and economic impact inflicted by none other than a capitalist transnational

Will the Humanitarian Aid Ever Reach Gaza?

The vessel carrying 2 000 ton of food and medicine destined for the Gaza Strip departed last Saturday from Greece sponsored by a humanitarian organization headed by Saif al Islam Gaddafi, son of the Libyan leader Muamar al-Gaddafi

July 26: Memorable Date in the History of Granma Province

July 26, a date Cuba remembers with great enthusiasm is very much tied to the history of the eastern province of Granma

Mariana Grajales: Humble and Great

The strange and unique combination of humbleness and greatness only belongs to exceptional people, like the case of Cuban Patriot Mariana Grajales Cuello, one of the most illustrious women in Cuban history.

Nuclear Weapons: In Lucifer’s Hands

How many countries in the world have nuclear weapons? If you search on Internet you will find that 8 countries have developed nuclear weapons. Five of them: United States, the Russian Federation (inherited the arsenals from the former Soviet Union), Britain, France and China, are considered nuclear armed states, according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Nuclear Arms: Knife to the Throat

In recent reflections, Fidel Castro has written more than once that the risk of a nuclear war has not disappeared in the world. In fact the nuclear arsenals still store the possibility of destroying the world several times

Tense Calm Encircles the Planet

Tense calm is what humanity is currently living through. The Persian Gulf is the scenario. The protagonists: US and Israeli military vessels deployed in the area with orders to inspect Iranian ships or any other that navigate towards that nation

When Fidel went to Exile

After a long intense political campaign in which the population played an important role, Fidel Castro and the rest of the rebels that attacked the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons were pardoned on May 15th, 1955.

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