Nuclear Arms: Knife to the Throat

In recent reflections, Fidel Castro has written more than once that the risk of a nuclear war has not disappeared in the world. In fact the nuclear arsenals still store the possibility of destroying the world several times

Tense Calm Encircles the Planet

Tense calm is what humanity is currently living through. The Persian Gulf is the scenario. The protagonists: US and Israeli military vessels deployed in the area with orders to inspect Iranian ships or any other that navigate towards that nation

When Fidel went to Exile

After a long intense political campaign in which the population played an important role, Fidel Castro and the rest of the rebels that attacked the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons were pardoned on May 15th, 1955.

Cuba Paints Guayasamin

A painting exhibition will be opened on July 6th at the Oswaldo Guayasamin Museum House with the participation of 26 Cuban artists. “Palpable exhibition of his paintings of our environment, said Eusebio Leal, City Historian, whose reconstruction of an old mansion was one of his material and artistic determination, which began with only a few believing in the rehabilitation gesture of the Historic Center”.

Media War: Friends of Freedom of Information?

The news could come as a surprise for those that are fascinated by the imperial propaganda regarding freedom of expression.

Works on Korda in Portugal

Sencillamente Korda (Simply Korda), an exhibition that summarizes the work of this always topical artist of the stills and the lens was inaugurated in Portugal on June 22.

ALBA: Something Different

It was common to think of the European Union when talking about integration mechanism. And even in recent years it was acceptable to come to that conclusion

1960: United States Reduces Cuban Sugar Quota

The US economic blockade imposed against Cuba began much before President John F. Kennedy made it official on February 3rd, 1962

Del Marmol: One of the Founders of the Homeland

History is the memory of nations and the Cuban people must learn more about the generation of 1868, the year which began the foundation of the Homeland, nation and nationality

Energy Saving, a Must

The Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC) has urged all of its labor union organizations and their members to intensify energy saving at workplaces and homes

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