Silvio Rodríguez: "I Do Not Feel Like a Stranger in Puerto Rico"

Cuban singer and songwriter Silvio Rodriguez was 32 when sitting in a US theater enjoying a Coca Cola and popcorn while watching “Superman”, staring Christopher Reeve. It was February 1980, and Jimmy Carter was president of the United States and only a bomb threat startled the artist’s last tour to the United States until now

Rita Longa: "Work is What Counts"

Rita Longa (Havana, June 14th, 1912-May 29th, 2000) was known for her talent, humbleness and tenacity constituting one of the top figures of Cuban culture and her work is recognized as a reference of national identity

Energy Savings: Crucial for Cuba

With the beginning of the summer in Cuba, people are debating on ways to cut down on the energy consumption in order not to affect the national economy.

May 20, 1902: Cuba; Independent Republic or Neo-Colony of the United States?

Before 1959, Cuba celebrated May 20th as Independence Day. We were told in school that an independent republic had been born, that Spanish domination had ended and we had full freedom. All this of course, thanks to the “generous help” of the government of the United States, whom we should eternally be grateful to

The US Senate Finds Out that Radio Marti is Lying

“Radio and TV Marti lie when they broadcast unfounded information”, admits the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which recommended that the two stations should be definitively withdrawn from Miami and located in Washington, so they join the propaganda apparatus of the Voice of America (VOA)

Life in the Gulf is Draining

Three US transnational companies are sucking the life out of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico due to negligence in operating the Deepwater Horizon Platform which caused a catastrophe that is threatening several states in the region

José Martí: Forerunner in the Current Anti-Imperialist Struggle

After Bolivar’s epic campaigns and before the Cuban Revolution, there isn’t any more important or heroic historic period in our America than that of Cuba´s National Hero José Martí

Martí: "If you sow it in the earth, it will grow"

When you carefully read the writings of Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti or study his life, you can see how his vital experience and knowledge made him grow as a poet, journalist, narrator, critic, politician and independent thinker.

Small Farmers Congress Winds up in Havana

Marino Murillo, Vice-president of the Council of Ministers, said today in this capital that Cuban farmers are ready to increase agricultural yield, in order to contribute to the replacement of imports

March of the Combative People: The Strength of the Cuban People

Threats against Cuba were increasing more than usual and after the tragic incidents that took place at the Peruvian embassy in 1980, statements from US officials and the movements of naval units against the island were on a daily basis

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