Symbol-of-anti-slavery-movement Ship in Cuban Waters

In 1997, filmmaker Steven Spielberg recreated in one of his films the story of a schooner which left Havana in the nineteenth century, full of slaves who rebelled and after taking command of the ship ended up in a point very close to the American coast of Long Island

The fabulous bill for a useless death

Desperate to bill and charge for the service, the protagonists of the last chapter of the defamatory campaign against Cuba are rushing to claim the U.S. government to pay them their usual millions

Fidel Castro: A Survivor of a Colossal Manhunt

A large number of assassination attempts on the life of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro occupy a prominent position in the list of actions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) against the Cuban Revolution.

A True Cuban Story: The "election posters" of our times

The “election posters”, the size of a sheet of eight and a half by 11 inches with a short biography and a photo, will be the “campaign” that could bring our protagonists to sit in the “local Parliament”

A Party without Electoral Purposes and a Guarantor of the Elections

Unlike the universal practice, the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) has since its creation nearly half a century ago, the thesis that it is not an institution for electoral purposes: neither appoints candidates nor elects them

Revolutionaries of the Revolution?

The documentary “Revolution”, a film that approaches the capital's rap duo “Los Aldeanos” was exhibited recently at the Chaplin Movie Theater, in the framework of the Ninth Exhibition of New Filmmakers, organized by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) held in Havana

World’s Largest Earthquake took Place in Chile in 1960

Chile is located in the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, which produces 80 percent of Earth’s earthquakes

Mules: Joking about a serious business

Colleagues from the US Associated Press (AP) recently made a joke of the concerns the agrarian authorities expressed to monitor and promote the herd of mules in the Cuban mountains

It Is Urgent to Increase Work Productivity

It was stimulating to see that, despite the current world wide economic crisis, the US Government’s economic blockade of the Island and the huge losses caused by three hurricanes in 2008, Cuba concluded 2009 with a growth of 1.4 percent in its Gross Domestic Product

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