Intense Rains in Peru

2017-03-22 09:13:42 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Intense Rains in Peru

The intense rains and floods in Peru have caused 72 people dead, according to the last report by the Council of Ministers from the South American nation.

According to official numbers, there have been over 572.00 Peruvians who have been affected by the battering of the nature, while there are up to 72.000 victims.

Over 811 districts from that nation have been declared in emergency, as well as 108 provinces in 13 departments.

To face that situation, the president, Pablo Kuzynski, announced on Friday that there will be up to 4.400 million local sol currency (around 1.355 million dollars) to local regions for their rebuilding in the affected zones. There is an emergency decree that was approved by the government which is aimed at tending that nation‘s difficult situation and the immediate interventions before the disasters, as well as an encouragement to the economy so that its growing was not struck by the rains and floods.

The National Weather and Hydrologic service (Senamhi) announced in its most recent predictions that the rains will be intensified during the next week, especially in those regions from the North coast in Peru which were the most affected ones by the rains of the last days.

In Piura and Lambayeque towns, the rains might reach the 150 liters by square meters a day in the Andean Mountain range and up to 50 daily liters by square meters in the coast which are really atypical values for that zone.

The prediction also announces some rains which might reach a high intensity from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 23 rd in the middle basins from the Ancash regions, Lima and Ica where it is registered a total of 26.000 victims and some 136.000 affected ones.

Intense Rains in Peru

Other Damages

On Saturday evening, the Virú Bridge fell down due to the river level rose sharply when there were some vehicles above its structure.

The bridge, which was some 120 meters long, was near the Trujillo region and La Libertad capital city and it is one of the six similar structures that have collapsed throughout the North Pan-American road.

“The nature has been hard and we will take some weeks to rebuild that bridge.” Martín Vizcarra, who is the Minister of Transportation and Communication, said while visiting Trujillo that is a city of which its center ended flooded on Saturday and where over half its population spent two days without drinking water.

In Lima, there are some districts which have spent three days without water supply as a consequence of the landslides into the Rímac River that was the main source of water supply for the local capital city and this prevents the related water processing and purification.

The floods are produced by an atypical Boy Climatological phenomenon when it warmed the sea surface of the Peruvian coastal region which causes intense and unusual rains in the desert coast.

Intense Rains in Peru

Before that weathercast, the Ministry of Education cancelled the lessons in Lima city until the next Wednesday if the city recovered its precious normal condition.

The stagnant waters and the collapse of the health system in some regions have that Latin American nation on the brink of a Health emergency.

The complicated situation that is experienced the nation´s northern region gets worse even much more with the huge difficulties of access that the weather has caused not only by air but also by land.

According to the experts, the crisis is caused by an unusual warming of the Pacific Ocean which causes the evaporation of huge quantities of water and once the waters reach the mountains they fall and cause the rivers to overflow.

Intense Rains in Peru

By Ana Teresa Badía

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