It Is Urgent to Increase Work Productivity

2010.02.05 - 14:29:46 /

It was stimulating to see that, despite the current world wide economic crisis, the US Government’s economic blockade of the Island and the huge losses caused by three hurricanes in 2008, Cuba concluded 2009 with a growth of 1.4 percent in its Gross Domestic Product.

However, the lack of productivity at work (it decreased 1.1 percent compared to the previous year), mainly due to underemployment and the excess of staff in the majority of workplaces, is terrible.

The words of President Raul Castro during the last ordinary session of the National Assembly (Parliament) didn’t come by pure chance: “Precisely, the issue of employment will be one of our priorities for next year (2010) given the current low levels of productivity”.

Even though this problem must be reverted urgently in almost all centers of production and services in Cuba, there are sectors that, for their importance to the national economy, must pay close attention to this issue.

For example, in the construction sector, its workers are now fulfilling expectations generated by an increase of salaries and performance-related bonuses that didn’t bear fruit at first mainly because of disorganization and some executives’ not demanding enough from their workers.

In this sector – and also in all of them - it is important to talk to workers and to take into account their opinions regarding the elimination of undisciplined conducts and other problems leading to inefficiency.

The purpose will be accomplished when the manpower’s output justifies the rational spending of material and human resources, with the quality required, in every workplace. That is work productivity.

Lenin noted that any new socio-economic system prevails over its predecessor once a higher productivity is achieved. That’s why it is necessary to offer better services and produce more with fewer resources.

For instance, if implemented appropriately, the multiple employment experience could yield positive results in vital areas that contribute to the development of society. The teaching sector is a good example.

The development of biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, where there has been an increase of exports and high efficiency, with discipline and organization of resources, illustrates how much it is possible to do under the principles of social property and correct planning.

Undoubtedly, work productivity is vital for the construction of socialism in Cuba.

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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