Laurentino Cortizo and Promises

2019-05-08 10:10:53 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Laurentino Cortizo and Promises

After the electoral day carried out last Sunday, Laurentino Cortizo was proclaimed the winner of the presidential elections by the Electoral Court of Panama.

With the slogan: “let´s rescue Panama,” Laurentino Cortizo from the Partido Revolucionario Democrático (Democratic Revolutionary Party) obtained the 33.07% of the votes.

According to the next president of the Panamanian Republic, he will be in office during the five-year period from 2019 to 2024.
He announced “humbly” that he and his team were rwady to In the first words after having won the elections to “hold the reins” of Panama since the upcoming July 1 st.

According to the local Press, the results were announced really late at night due to the candidate Rómulo Roux of the Cambio Democrático Party, who obtained a 31% of the votes, denounced allegedly electoral irregularities and the margin between the winning candidate and the second one was narrow.

Laurentino Cortizo speeches.

Laurentino Cortizo asked his followers for an intense applaud for the rest of the candidates for having contributed to do a civic campaign and having strengthened the Panamanian democracy.

Before the local Press, Nito Cortizo said that was his third chance and what happened to him was precisely as the popular saying says: ´the third one of the right one.´

“I humbly get the announcement, an announcement that is important for the country as it is a announcement which contains a huge responsibility. I am ready with a team to hold the reins of the nation since July 1st of the current year and the nation requires joining forces to be able to solve the huge challenges that we will be finding.” He pointed out.

That entrepreneur and livestock farmer achieved an electoral victory that will allow him to keep closing the inequality´s gap by leaving no one behind, according to him.

According to the local Expectador Newspaper, his followers praise his humble nature and social sensibility while his opponents criticize him to be surrounded by deputies marked by corruption scandals. He states there will not be untouchable people in his term.

Laurentino Cortizo´s plan includes improve the education, reforming the State, improving the economics, eliminating poverty and inequality and improving the government´s transparency.

He was a minister of Agricultural Development from 204 to 2006 during Martín Torrijos´ term and he has given back the power to the PRD a dacece later. One again, the fight against corruption has been one of the main ideas of the winner´s campaign in a Latin American election.

Repercussions in Latin America

The current Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, called Cortizo on phone and stated to him that he had not doubt that it was going to be a fluent transition.

“President Nicolás Maduro expressed his congratulation to the Panamacian people and his elected president Laurentino Cortizo due to the outstanding participation of the Panamanian people and the respect to the Popular sovereignty during the successful electoral campaign carried out on May 5th.” Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza wrote on Twitter.

The Guatemalan president said through a communiqué published by the local Foreign Affair Ministry that the president Jimmy Morales congratulated Laurentino Cortizo and stated that electoral day was featured by peace, civism and cordiality.

The Bolivian president Evo Morales gret the Panamanian people after its democratic party and wished success to Laurentino Cortizoi in his term.

By Ana Teresa Badía


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