National Mourning in Russia for recent Plane Crash

2016-12-28 10:29:21 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

National Mourning in Russia for recent Plane Crash

A Russian Tupolev plane, which had taken off on Monday morning from Moscow, fell down onto the Black sea after having stopped over in Sochi resort to be filled with fuel. The Tu-154 plane with 84 passengers and eight passengers was flying to Syria and it had to land at the Jmeimim airbase where Russia has some fighter planes. The Russian Defense minister confirmed that there were no survivors.

The plane had crashed into the sea shortly after having taken off from Sochi to where it had stopped over to fly to the Russian base in Latakia in Syria where the majority of its passengers were artists and members of the choir and dance Alexándrov group, which is known as the choir of the Russian army. The rest of them were military staff and nine journalists even from the first NTV Russian channel and the Zvezdá military channel. They were going to celebrate the New Year with the troops.

On board, there were also two officials and the president of the SpravedlívayaPomoshch (Fair Help), Yelizabeta Glinka, who were known as Doctor Liza who had carried out many medical humanitarian actions in Russia and abroad. She managed to rescue a dozen of children who were sick since the beginning of the war in the east of Ukraine. She was transporting some medicines to Syria.

National Mourning in Russia for recent Plane Crash

The first ideas about that crash plane´s causes

The Federal Safety Service of Russia had revealed that the presence of weird objects in that plane´s engine, including a low-quality fuel, a piloting´s mistake or a very likely technical failure are among the first hypothesis which are being analyzed about the causes of the air accident of the Tu-154 plane.

The Russian Federal Safety Service has pointed out that there is no any evidence of a terrorist attack or sabotage on board. Moreover, it has made clear the fact that plane was not transporting any military content or pyrotechnic materials which might have caused that accident.

As part of the related investigation carried out by the Russian authorities, The Federal Safety Service is questioning the witnesses and analyzing the available videos of that air accident.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Tu-154 plane was piloted by a first-class pilot named, Román Vólkov, who had over three thousand flying hours. The plane was made in 1983 and had flown a total of 6689 hours.
The Ministry has pointed out that the specialists have carried out a thorough investigation of the data from the related control device and the radio-tracking stations and they have determined the trajectory of the Tu-154 plane.

“This had enabled to identify the exact zone of the fall of the plane. The related searching and rescue operation on that spot had gotten more difficult due to its depths and the characteristics of the surface of the sea bed.” it highlighted.

The website of the Russian RT network also pointed out that the plane crash had happened due to a technical mistake or a mistake in piloting it. The hypothesis about a terrorist attack is not part of the main causes.” Maxim Sokolov, who is the Russian Minister of Transportation, has declared.

After the first day

“Right on the spot of that plane crash in the Black Sea, it has been recovered eleven corpses and 154 fragments of the plane.” The Russian Minister of Defense, announced.
The first plane with corpses and fragments of the Tu-154 plane, which were found in the place of the accident, has gotten to Moscow. The Russian Ministry has announced.

In the Russian capital city, it will be carried out the identification and the genetic analysis of the corpses of the victims of the air accident.

The Commander of the Russian Air Force, Viktor Bondarev, has confirmed that the plane had not technical failure. The regulation inspections had been carried out recently. The official has expressed his confidence about the recovering the plane´s fight recorders which are in the back part of it that is the least affected part.

The searching and rescue operation has not stopped at daytime or at nighttime not even a minute on the spot of the disaster, according to a communiqué of the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Nevertheless, it has become a difficult one given the deepths and characteristic of the seabed on the spot of the air crash.

Some Homage Paid to the Members of the Choir of the Russian Army

There were 64 members of the prestigious Choir of the Red Army, among the deceased of the recent plane crash. It has also known as the Alexandrov band. It is regarded as the best groups of male voices in the world; it was created on October 1928, and after there air accident, there have been many people who have gone to the venue of that group in Moscow to place a wreath in their memory.

National Mourning in Russia for recent Plane Crash

National Mourning

The Russian President, Vladímir Putin, announced the date on December 26th as the mnational mourning due to the death of the plane crash of the Tu-154 plane in Sochi.

“On Monday (December 26th) it would be decreed the day of national mourning. The causes of the accident will be thorough investigated and it will be done all in our power to support the families of the deceased people. I ordered the government to create a government commission that will be led by the Russian minister of Transportation, Maxim Sokolov.” Vladímir Putin pointed out.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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