New Testimonies Unveil Trump Participation in Ukraine Scandal

2020-01-22 10:40:17 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

New Testimonies Unveil Trump Participation in Ukraine Scandal

New Testimonies unveil that Donald Trump knew all what his personal lawyer was doing to force Ukraine in order it announced an investigation about Hunter Biden, the former president of the United States and the current Democrat aspire to the White House, Joe Biden.

Rudolf Giuliani´s mentioned partner in the plot will take Trump to political trial at the U.S. Senate. Lev Parnas granted an interview to the New York Times Newspaper after his lawyer delivered documents and messages to the Chamber of Representatives as part of the investigation of the political trial against Donald Trump.

The texts show Giuliani and Parnas´related maneuvers to try gathering with the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski to force him to investigate Biden in order to damage his father´s image, given he is very likely Trump´s political opponent in the presidential elections of November.

“I am betting my life that Trump knew exactly all what Rudy Giuliani was doing in Ukraine.” Parnas stated to the New York Times, although he pointed out that he did not talk to Trump directly about the issues Trump was carrying out with Giuliai so that Ukraine investigated the Joe Biden´s alleged corrupted role. Hunter in the Burisma gas enterprise he worked for in the European nation.

Parnas stated that Trump on some occasions and Giuliani said to him that the U.S. President was aware of what was happening.

In his revelations to the New York Times newspaper, the Ukrainian citizen nationalized as an U.S. one, regretted having trusted Trump and Giuliani as he thought he would not have problems after listening to them and thinking he was not doing anything wrong, just being a patriot helped by the U.S. Head of state.

Documents and messages delivered showed Parnas contacted Tom Hicks to talk about those issues in Ukraine as a donor and friend of Trump´s family, along with Joseph Aheam, who has collected money for the political groups supporting the U.S. tycoon.

Parnas mentioned the messages of the published text this week by the White House in which the personal lawyer of the U.S. President, Rudolf Giuliani, talked openly about his actions to obtain a visa for a former Ukrainian high-ranking official who accused Hunter of corruption. The son of the vice president and Democrat presidential aspirer, Joe Biden.

“This is going to work. I have the number one on it.” Giulliani pointed out without stating who was talking, but his partner Lev Parnas states it was about Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Ukraine´s government announced the opening of an investigation about the documents delivered by the Parnas´ lawyer to the U.S Chamber of Representatives. They include the alleged investigation in the Ukranian soil to the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch.

Fired later from her job position for opposing Trump and Giulani´s way of working, the illegal surveillance to Yoyanovitch appears among the messages that Parnas exchanged with a Republican aspired to be a Congress man, Robert F. Hyde, who became another political figure trapped in the aforementioned scandal.

The scandal added new leads with the report that was published by the related U.S. office. It is an independent institution for controlling the White House, and it made an announcement in the political trial against Donald Trump.

That office determined that Trump violated the law when he stopped the military help to Ukraine in order to press his government to investigate Hunter, the son of the vice-president and current presidential Democrat candidate, Joe Biden.

Trump will have a political trial at the U.S. Senate for his destitution by the U.S. Senate abuse of power and obstruction to the U.S. Congress since the scandal in Ukraine.

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