Oral Hearings on Maritime Demand for Chile and Bolivia in March

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 Oral Hearings on Maritime Demand for Chile and Bolivia in March

Before March 19 and 28 th and Chile will defend its arguments in oral audiences at the International Law Court which constitute one of the maritime dispute´s stages before the sentence that is expected by the end of this year.

The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, has announced that he is going to be at The Hague. Llorenti stated after keeping a meeting with the members of the International Political Commission and deputies to whom that report about the maritime demand was delivered.

The vice-president, Álvaro García, pointed out the Bolivian delegation will be made up of 30 people and former head of states.
“The important detail is precisely about sending a delegation that shows Chile to the judges and the entire world that Bolivia is united in relation to one single cause, regardless the ideological differences.” Álvaro García highlighted.

Bolivia carried out that demand at the International Law Court in 2013 against Chile in order to that nation would negotiate a sovereign way out to the Pacific Ocean after 135 years of the military conflict that snatched 400 kilometers of its shore and it was already in 2015 when the International Law Court responded to the Bolivian nation by issuing a communiqué where it was announced that institution was accepting that request.

More Details

Four former Bolivian presidents have accepted to travel to The Hague for the beginning of the audiences and they are Guido Vildoso (1981-1982), Jaime Paz Zamora (1998-1993), Jorge Quiroga (2001-2002) and Carlos Mesa (2003-2005) who is also the spokesperson for the related the maritime cause.

To accompany that event, Morales´ government has organized an agenda that includes the exhibition of a flag of 70 kilometers long in the Bolivian territory, among other activities.

Other initiatives

 Oral Hearings on Maritime Demand for Chile and Bolivia in March

According to Prensa Latina, Evo Morales praised the students, Coca producers, working from different sectors and institutions of the country who responded the call to produce a gigantic flag for the maritime demand.

On February 14th, there had been a call to make and displaying a standard emblem of nearly 70 kilometers long to support the demand brought against Chile for a way out to the Pacific Ocean and that lost, during a war in 1879.

It has been detailed that the flag will have three meters in width and 10 meters long. It will have the blue color of the sea and the tricolor and the local whipala (emblem) with the nine starts which represent the nation´s different departments, on its upper left section, while the right section will show a start that means the presence of the Bolivian coast department.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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