Pedro Sánchez, the new President of Spain

2018-06-04 11:14:46 / / Translated by: Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Pedro Sánchez, the new President of Spain

The Spanish Congress approved the destitution of the outgoing President Mariano Rajoy, when voting in favor of a censure motion presented by the socialist opponent Pedro Sánchez, who will be now his successor in the presidency of the Government.

Sánchez’s proposal imposed itself with 180 votes in favor, 169 against and one abstention. The initiative of the Spanish Socialist Worker Party (PSOE) leader counted with the support of the opponent arch, Catalans and Basques included.

Few minutes before, Rajoy left the position with the following phrase: “It has been an honor to have been President of the Government of Spain and leaving a better Spain that the one I found”, he said in a brief manner.

The motion against Rajoy was promoted afterwards the National Audience emitted a sentence in the Gürtel case, the major corruption plot developed in the country in which great part of the Popular Party leadership was involved.

The high court condemned to 29 businessmen and ex politician from PP, among them to Luis Bárcenas the ex treasurer of the Party, and they considered that there was a parallel accountancy that benefited to the group. Besides, according the sentence, Rajoy’s testimony as a witness during the trial was not “realistic enough” for refuting the evidences of the dark accountancy of the Party.

Sánchez becomes the seventh president of the democracy Government after the censure motion against Rajoy was approved in the Deputies Congress. The new president engaged himself to respect the budgets of the former government and to reestablish the dialogue relations between sectors in which the negotiation had been lost.

By: Ana Teresa Badía Valdés

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