Russia Warns after Shooting down of a Syrian Warplane

2017-06-20 10:32:01 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Russia Warns after Shooting down of a Syrian Warplane

After an US. Warplane shot down a Syrian Su-22, the Russian ministry of defense warned on Monday that its military forces in that Arab nation will track any aerial target, whether they were jet fighters or drones of the international coalition led by the United States.

Russia is a key ally of the president Bashar Assad and it has been providing aerial cover since 2015 to carrying out its offensive against the Islamic State while The United States leads a group of nations which says they are fighting against the same terrorist group in the Syrian soil.

Apart from warning that its anti-craft defense will track any warplane of the international coalition over the west of the Euphrates River, the main Russian general staff cancelled the cooperation memoranda with Washington. That agreement allowed to avoid accidents and guaranteeing the safety of the flights of both nations, during their military operations in Syria.
The Russian Ministry of Defense also demanded a thorough research about the shooting down of the Syrian warplane, the delivery of related results, as we all the actions to be taken on that sense.

In the diplomatic sphere, the Russian foreign department denounced the shooting of the SU-22 warplane by the United States as a cynical violation of the sovereignty of that Arab nation which is regarded as an aggression against the international law.
Likewise, the Russian diplomacy highlighted that the attack was certainly a help for the extremists that the United States says to allegedly fight against them. However. It does right the opposite.

On the other hand, the Syrian army explained that its plane was then fighting against the Islamic State when it was attacked and it denounced that incident as the only attempt to try to disrupt the only effective force to fight against terrorism in that nation, along with its allies.

The incident happened on Sunday when a Syrian warplane was bombing military positions of the Islamic States that is the self-proclaimed capital of that extremist group that a coalition of opposition groups against Bachar al Assad is trying to seize, while being backed by the United States.

According to the version of the U.S. army, a Super Hornet F-18 military jet fighter shot down the Syrian warplane after it did not respond to the warning actions when it dropped some bombs near the positions of that group allied to The Unites States in Raqqa city. The U.S. forces has already attacked the Syrian troops when they entered into a exclusion zone that had been designed to protect the U.S. military staff who train and advice the opposition groups near the border with Iraq.

The United States is now increasing the protection of the groups backed by it and they are carrying out a land offensive against the Islamic State in Raqqa.

The Syrian pro-government forces are not fighting in the battle against the Islamic State in Raqqa. However, they have succeeded against the Jihadists who are in the surrounding area to that city.
This is the first time that a warplane of the collation led by the United States shot down a Syrian military jet fighter which is an incident that could involve the United States much more in that war against the Arab nation.

Meanwhile, Iran fired an attack with middle-range missiles against terrorist bases in Syrian and this is the first time this occurs since its war with Saddan Husein in Iraq in the 1980 decade.

The missiles flew from the Kermanshah Iranian military and covered 650 kilometers until the outskirts of the Syrian Deir ez Zor city by killing a high quantity of terrorists and destroying their military equipment and weapons.

“The attack was a retaliation for the recent double attempt carried out by the Islamic State in the Iranian capital city and it is like a warning for the terrorists and their regional and international supporters about that Islamic Republic carrying out similar attacks of any other terrorist attack happened in that nation. “Hossein Amir-Abdolla-Hian, who is the secretary of state for Arab and African affairs, announced.

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