Significant Speech by Venezuelan President

2017-01-18 10:48:32 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted in his speech that his speech that his government achieved to reduce the poverty in spite of its difficult economic situation.

“We can get to see the way we achieved to reduce from 19.7% to 18.3% the poverty in spite of the crisis. We achieved a small positive step from 4.9% to 4.4 % in the middle of this battle.” Nicolás Maduro pointed out.

In spite of the advantages, the President Nicolás Maduro asked his ministers not to be off guard given there could be progresses from a qualitative point of view and some decrease about the population´s quality of life.

In that sense, Nicolás Maduro ordered to reinforce the social programs that cover the destitute sectors. He referred to the local Hipólita social program and the Barrio Adentro one with a free health care. He was also in favor about increasing the investments in public works to generate more jobs.

At the Venezuelan Supreme Justice Court and not in the Assembly

Nicolás Maduro presented these data in his speech which was carried out before the Supreme Justice Court (TSJ), right after that trial was activated to carry out that work before the contempt of the National Assembly (the Congress).

“There would be justice due to that constant contempt and conspiracy.” The Venezuelan head of state said in his speech which was broadcast on the radio and TV network. He accused the Venezuelan opposition majority of promoting a coup action after having approved a declaration on abandonment by President Maduro of his presidential position due to the allegedly non-observance of his constitutional functions.

Highlights of his speech

“I do thank the year 2016 due to it taught me to be a much better human being, leader and president. It taught me that I am more powerful than all the obstacles and attacks and when I say I, I am actually referring to us. They could not defeat us in 2016! And I assure that they will never even defeat Venezuela, let alone with the Revolution of Bolivar and Chávez.” He highlighted.

The President announced the opening of the first exchange centers in the border with Colombia on Monday and that measure tries to stop the speculation with the use of the parallel dollar of which its value is set in the border with that neighboring country, especially in Cúcuta city that is the main place where the Venezuelan currency is taken to be changed in Colombian pesos currency in order to change it into dollars.

“It is already enough of this aggression by Colombia against Venezuela, if you are not going to do something positive, then do not do negative things to Venezuela. I only desire peace, so the first money exchange centers will be opened tomorrow and we are going to regularize the currency issue, so it is going to be a bad time for the border´s mafia groups.” Nicolás Maduro highlighted.

According to the Venezuelan President, there will be many shops opened throughout the border and they will have a sale diesel service and money exchange centers, among others things.

Regarding the sale of Venezuelan gas into Colombian pesos currency, the operation has not been approved in Colombia. The Venezuelan head of state said that his counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos is thinking about it and he was waiting a quick answer about that theme.

“We do not want absolutely anything wrong against Colombia. I would never allow a smuggling with an item that was produced in Colombia. Moreover, if you did not help me, then do not attack me, and that is why, I am asking the cessation of the attack against Venezuela from Bógota. I am saying it, today.” Nicolás Maduro said.

While reiterating its willingness in terms of continue being part of the talks, Nicolás Maduro announced that the negotiators of the peace talks process would be getting in that nation soon and the fact that the dialogue has been stopped due to the opposition´s refusal about continue that process.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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