Sorrow for Shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywwod Airport

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Sorrow for Shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywwod Airport

“Esteban Santiago, who is the alleged author of the shooting that took place at the International Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport, expressed to the Federal Buro of Investigation from Alaska that he had been listening to some voices which were encouraging him to join the Islamic State group. However, the Federal policy that checked his publications on the social networks have not found any evidence which links its action with terrorism. “The FBI questioned the alleged killer and his family and up to 175 witnesses.

The survivors

“The backpack and the mobile phone saved my life.” Steve Frappier, who is a survivor of the shooting that had counted what happened to the CNN on Friday.

“I fall down and the backpack was still on my back and I turned down right when the shooter shot at me. There was a bullet which bounced.” That man who was a witness of that attack that caused five people dead and eight wounded ones at the baggage area of the Fort Lauderdale airport in the metropolitan area of Florida State, explained.

“I checked in the bathroom that the bullet had stuck in my backpack and on my mobile phone. The bullet bounced and landed in one of my backpack´s pockets. It could have been my back.” Frappier added.

George Piro from FBI office in Miami pointed out that Santiago, who is a former military man that was in Iraq, used a semi-automatic pistol that was transported its luggage and he surrendered to the authorities without resistance.

In last November, Santiago who was born in New Jersey, attended to an FBI office in Anchorage in Alaska where he had an erratic behavior that caused him to be under surveillance for a psychological test.

According to the local authorities, the former military man traveled from Alaska to Minneapolis. Then he caught another flight to Fort Lauderdale in Florida State, but the reasons which made him to carry out the attack at the airport remain unknown. The attacker grew up in Puerto Rico and he was nearly a year in Iraq from where he came back with some post-traumatic and mental disorders and he went later to Alaska where his wife and a son lived.

Scott Israel, who is the sheriff from the Broward County, has announced that the attacker arrived in Fort Lauderdale that is a city which is located some 40 kilometers to the North from Miami in a flight from the Delta airliner and he began opening fire at its second passenger terminal where he killed five people.

Florida and Weapons

The Florida State with 20.0000.0000 inhabitants, is one of the most permissive states from the United States about buying weapons and being able to carry them.

In June 2016, Omar Mateen killed 49 people at the Pulse Club in Orlando before being killed. The killing in an airport from Florida caused a debate in the United States again about if it was sure that the citizens might carry weapons legally in their luggage and it will be necessary to change the rule to avoid another similar tragedy from happening.

The AFP agency points out that the U.S. legislation authorizes the passengers to transport their weapons under the condition that they were kept in the plane´s hold and unloaded.

The passengers should inform the agent of the airline and filling in the form. The rules of the transportation Security Administration (TSA), the official authority on means of transportation rule that the weapons must be inside a rigid case and locked. The ammunitions can also be transported under the condition that they should be also kept locked and they all should never be in the cockpit. However, there are some passengers who do not declare about them.

In 2015, the agents of the TSA found 2.653 firearms in the related security controls. Moreover, there were 53 firearms confiscated in the U.S. airports and there were even 42 of them which were loaded.

The passengers who do not fulfill those rules might be fined $ 11.000 dollars. The majority of people say that they forgot they were carrying a weapon.

The Killer´s Family speaks

Bryan Santiago, who is the brother of the attacker, said on the local NBC News, that he grew in Puerto Rico where he was in its National Guard. He was later sent to Iraq and he moved in Alaska where he worked as a security guard.
“He was a normal and spiritual and a good person.” His brother pointed out.

In addition, his brother revealed that he used to suffer from post-mental and traumatic disorders after his experience in Iraq.
The CBS channel pointed out that Santiago was investigated for infantile pornography, although there was not enough evidence to accuse him. Moreover, he began working in an FBI office in Alaska in November 2916 and he said to be forced to join the Islamic State group.

“Esteban changed after Iraq, his mind was not the same and he was sometimes normal and there were other times when he seemed to be lost.” The ant, who had never imagined her nephew doing something like that, added.

An agent pointed out that veteran from the Iraq war had gone into an FBI office in Anchorage and stated that the Federal government was then controlling his mind by forcing him to get to watch videos about the Islamic States terrorist group.

The day of the attack, Santiago picked up his luggage and went to the bathroom where he extracted the weapon, then he went back to the luggage area and started to shoot at random, according to the witness.

Further Details

Sorrow for Shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywwod Airport

Santiago had flown to Fort Lauderdale airport, while he was coming from Minneapolis. The shooting took place at 12:55 pm (local time) in the luggage area from the passenger terminal number two of the airport where the Delta and Air Canada operate.

There are some passengers who were left stranded in that airport and they are trying to recover some of the 25.000 pieces which got lost during the shooting. There are some baggage and mobile phones as well as other items, among them.

“We do not have documents of identification, we do not have passports or money. We have to leave our belongings and running.” Janice, aged 39, pointed out on Saturday afternoon.

There are some 12.000 incoming passengers and those ones traveling abroad who were left stranded. The majority of them were returning from cruises or those getting to the city to begin the journey on the huge ships anchored at the passenger terminal of the Port Everglades tourist resort.

There were some passengers who were kept inside their planes for over seven hours while the police kept closed the airport.

The road patrol sent buses with computers to that airport on Saturday afternoon to issue temporary identifications of the affected passengers so that they could leave the state and that nation.

“We are doing all in our power to help.” Sargent Wysocki pointed out.

The International Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport

It is located some 50 kilometers to the north zone of Miami State in Florida.

The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport, which receives up to 30 airliners, is used by many passengers due to it is quite near of a cruiser´s passenger terminal. There were some 2.5 million of passengers through its facilities.

By Ana Teresa Badía

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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