Strategies on Bolivia

2019-11-13 22:47:06 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Strategies on Bolivia

The White House secretly followed the Bolivian president Evo Morales through a clandestine operation named Rey Desnudo.

The journalist and writer Nil Nikandrov states the U.S. propaganda looks for undermining the legal government of that Bolivian nation under the framework of the anti-drug struggle.

According to the RT News station, a report published last month by the Huffington Post and based on legal documents presented by a DEA´s former informer, Carlos Toro, confirmed Morales´suspicions about the subversive activity of that agency in that Latin American country.

The information presented by Carlos Toro reveals that the DEA´s one of the main goals was checking Morales´alleged relation to the drug trafficking of Medellín city. It also participates in the campaign against Evo Morales. The journalist and writer stated in an article published on the FondSK webpage.

That analyst explains that Carlos Toro was a drug trafficking boss during twenty years before the United States´withdrawal.

According to the expert, if the U.S. officials really had information that proved Evo Morales’ link with drug trafficking and members of his team, they would have used it long time ago.

“The reinforcement on the dirty propaganda against the Bolivian president and his collaborators show the future plans of the U.S. intelligence to destabilize that government.” The analyst stated.

It is important to remember that Evo Morales expels the DEA from his nation in 2008 by accusing it of bribing officials, violating human rights, concealing murders and other crimes.

The increase of repression

Strategies on Bolivia

During the last hours, the tense situation has increased in Bolivia, as well as the racial and economic divisions.

Williams Kaliman, who is the Commander of the Bolivian Armed Forces (FF.AA.), ordered joint actions with the local policy against the mobilized people fighting back against the coup.

This way, Williams Kaliman obeyed the request by the second vice president of the Bolivian Senate, Jeanine Áñe, who had first asked the FF.AA. to join the Bolivian National Police to control the hordes of militants and supporters to the MAS (Movimiento Al Socialismo) political movement who are loyal to Evo Morales.

By Ana Teresa Badía Valdés

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