The Accusations against Julian Assange

2019-04-16 06:38:08 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Accusations against Julian Assange

Julian Assange Julian Assange gained international fame due to his publications about the US. Military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and the conditions on the maintenance of the prison of Guantánamo province that a territory illegally occupied by the United States in the eastern of Cuba.

In March 2010, Julian Assange would have collaborated with Chelsea Manning, as a former intelligence analysts of the US. Army to help to decipher a password stored in the computers of Defense Department connected to the SIPRNET a network of the US. Government used for classified documents.

Accusations against Assange

The Accusations against Julian Assange

On November 18th, 2010, Sweden issued an international warrant for arrest after two female Sweden citizens denounced to have suffered from alleged sexual abuses. According to the Semana. Com website, the story started in the summer of the year 2011 when Julian Assange was invited as a lecturer to a seminar in Sweden.

Anna Ardin, aged 28 and born in Cuba, was a well-known political activist and she showed her alleged solidarity by saying that she could stay him at her house. There was consented sex by each of them, according to the story.

Next morning, Anan called some friends and set up a party in recognition of the man who ridiculed the mighty State Department of the United States after revealing 400.000 secret documents about the war in Iraq, among others, and 250.000 ones about the strategy of the U.S. Foreign affairs relations with other nations.

On this context, Julián Assange admitted that he met Sofia Wilen, aged 20, who also invited him to her house and he had also had a consented sex with her that night.

Julián Assange left Stockholm city and Ana and Sofía talked on phone and confessed one another what they had experienced and both felt angry and went to denounce him before the justice of having avoided to use the condom.

In Seweden, that is not a simple event, it is regarded as a serious issue because of a woman could claim that the man acted against her body by putting it at risk.

The judge Eva Finné asked them if both of them had consented that kind of relation, they answered affirmatively, so the judge closed the case. However, another judge reopened the case before it was utterly filed, under the idea that he could be processed for having made surprising sex, which means sex without condom in Sweden.

As for some people, they were the brave heroines and for others they were mere CIA agents, according to the publication.

In 2015 and 2017, the Swedish district attorney office announced the closure of those investigations.

Nevertheless, the British Scotland Yard recalled that in spite of Sweden had decided to filed that research, the jurors of the courthouse of Westminster issued a warrant for arrest against Julian Assange in 2012 if Assange travelled to Sweden before 2020, and that cause could be reopened, according to the district attorney.


The Accusations against Julian Assange

The director of the RT tv network and the Spuknit news network, Margarita Simonián, considered the founder of Wikileaks as the main journalist of this time. “I do feel highly surprised when I think of his future and when I talked to him for the last time he told me that he was ready for all and he would go until the end. I asked him why he was doing that. He told me because he hated the lie.” Margarita Simonián said to Sputnik.

“Long time before all of us began to suspect something, he explained that Google and the rest of Twitters of this world exist to keep an eye on everyone first of all, influence in the moods of the crowd and that the alleged Great Brother of the most horrible anti-utopias” was already there and has come. He is by our side each day, even inside our pocket while we like that it has made our live much more useful and interesting.” He added.

Margarita Simonián highlighted that Julián Assange spent almost seven years at the embassy of Ecuador without sunlight, walks and average communication and even without internet service and visitors, lately.

“I visited several times the embassy. It is simply an apartment across from the noisy London Harrods. It was closed day and night by brave police officers and it was impossible to talk openly there. However, we talked about life and his destiny.” She added.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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