The Controversy about Chief of Campaign of Donald Trump

2016-09-02 11:28:21 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Controversy about Chief of Campaign of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, who is the chief of the electoral campaign of Donald Trump, announced his resignation recently and after a controversy caused by the recent disclosures that he had worked in favor of An Ukrainian political party.

According to the emails obtained by the The Associated Press: Paul Manafort helped a Moscow-supporting party in Ukraine when he sent around 2.2 million dollars clandestinely in terms of payments for two political companies from Washington in 2012. Moreover, he did it in such a way that he hid the attempts carried out by that foreign party about influencing the American politics.

That disclosure appears precisely when Donald Trump has faced some harsh criticisms due to his friendly attitude towards the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

According to the law in the United States, the political responsible of campaigns must declare if they represent foreign leaders or groups and they should deliver detailed reports about their activities to the U.S. Justice Department. Moreover, it is regarded as a serious crime to break that law which is punished with a maximum of five-year sentence and a fine of up to $ 250.000 dollars.

According to a related analysis by the expert Shawn Donnan, which was published by ´The Financial Times, ‘these accusations are designed to distract the public opinion from the hard criticisms against the Clinton Foundation which have been receiving and keep receiving many donations from nations that violate the human rights, according to the U.S. State Department.

There are some analysts who also point out that maneuver is precisely carried out after the disclosure of the expenses about Clinton´s electoral campaign.

In two month-time, the Republican candidate has changed his chief of electoral campaign in two occasions. Donald trump changed Corey Lewandowski in June given he had argued with a journalist.

The truth is that this has been a presidential campaign full of scandals for both politiucal parties.

Other details

Manafort, aged 67, has faced some accusations which linked him with the Russian interests and the former Ukrainian first minister, Viktor Yanukovich who is close to Moscow.

A research carried out by the Ukrainian Anti-corruption National Buro that was published by the U.S. The New York Times newspaper, pointed out that Manafort had allegedly received U.S. $12 Million in cash between 2007 and 2012 from the party in favor of Russia of the former first minister.

The lawyer, Manafort, denied those accusations and said that the political adviser who had begun working for Trump in March, had not got those payments in cash.

Some time ago, Manafort was accused of financing the UNITA opponent group led then by Jonas Savimbi during the war in Angola.

While quoting an international press agency, that newspaper highlights that the National Union for the Total Independence for Angola (UNITA) killed, destroyed infrastructure and mutilated thousands of Angolans.

Through 40 years, Manafort was advisor of the presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George W.Bush and he also uses his previous enterprises such as the Back, Manafort, Stone and Kelly one to carry out those financings.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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