The Cuban Patriotism in Each Citizen

2019-04-29 07:09:07 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Cuban Patriotism in Each Citizen

The words by Raúl last Wednesday and last Saturday ratify that the difficult occasions are part of the daily days for Cuba because the Cuban Revolution and the US Empire have never stopped putting pressures on us as it is an economic blockade that is similar to a genocide and it reinforces to try hard obstacle all the local ways out enabling a higher quality of life and development for millions of Cuba who have given enough signals of resistance without showing fear to anything or no one.

Raúl and Díaz Cannel called for winning the local economic-efficiency battle and working with results from the small territory or province where we live by strengthening the local development that is named as Cuba.

Defending Cuba, which is a phrase raised by the Cuban president in his last speech as part of a local extraordinary-session meeting, means even much more.

It means that each Cuban should defends the work as a source not only as a source of individual wealth but also as a collective one, so doing it properly would be giving from his/her space an invaluable contribution to the nation.

It represents to potentiate the national productions to provide much more and better the population and obtaining hard currencies from abroad without using the trend about importing.

Working with full commitment defending each resource as own from the concept of a necessary save because it costs to the State.

It means having revolutionary sensibility as repeatedly the Cuban president repeats because without that quality it is not possible to feel another person´s problems, let alone the nation´s ones.

It represents taking way a bit from a problem each day because it would be less what we have to do.

Defending Cuba is being aware of this historical occasion that we are all living and not stopping a single minute in terms of the will to keep building the nation much better in spite of the international context that is extremely adverse.

To be aware of the occasion is precisely one of our strengths because it allows us to be ready for each scenery, even the worse one.

If we assume each day the motherland as ours, we shall keep being loyal to the legacy and fruitful history of fights and victories that we are the result of current generations.
The motherland needs from all the locals. Therefore, the idea #SomosCuba has to be in the heart and daily action of each citizen. It is the best way to defend it: feeling it.

By Demetrio Villaurrutia Zulueta

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