The Elimination of Sudden Tax Gas Increase in Argentina

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The Elimination of Sudden Tax Gas Increase in Argentina

The Supreme Court of Justice from Argentina stopped an increase about the increased-gas taxes policies that was used throughout that nation as an allegedly pretext to reduce the high budget deficit.

The aforementioned court announced that decision through a communique with seven aspects that was published by the local Judicial Information center (CIJ).

“Those taxes should be changed by the previous ones to the increase that the resolutions established which invalidated them.” The court announced about one of the main aspects of that measure which constitute a setback for the current government.
“The decision is included to the group of residential users and the social tax for users with less purchasing power will be kept.” According to the ruling.

Nevertheless, there is a space where the increased taxes is being kept and those are the industries and businesses which represent two thirds of the total consumption.

Along with that ruling from the Argentinian Supreme Court, the current government experienced a political struck. The increase of the public services taxes caused a series of protests nationwide and even some experts consider that the new taxes have increased the poverty level in that nation.

The increased taxes

Once Macri took over the presidency in December, he ruled a series of sudden increase of the public taxes which became increases over the 1.000 % for some inhabitants and all of that in the middle of an economic recession and a high inflation rate that reduce the population´s purchasing power.

The previous government of Cristina Fernández used to grant subsides to the users so that avoiding the increase of the services´ prices, but the current government state that it is necessary to reduce the State´s expenses and reducing the serious energetic deficit that is being experienced in that nation.

“The Supreme court stopped the increased-tax policy!! It is a defeat for the government and a triumph of the demonstrations and the fight of the Argentinian people!! Fernando Chino Navarro, who is the opposition leader of the Evita Movement, wrote on his Twitter site.

There have been 140.000 mass dismissals in Argentina since Macri took over the presidency and there are already 1.4 million of new poor people, according to the Observatorio Social department (Social Observatory) from the Argentinian Catholic University (UCA).

On the other hand, the Argentinian government made official an increase of the 26 % of the price for long-distance busses which is added to the increase of the costs for other public services.

New Protests

The Elimination of Sudden Tax Gas Increase in Argentina

Troops from the Argentinian Federal Police charged at a peaceful demonstration by retired people which was being carried out in a well-known bridge of Buenos Aires city while they were claiming an increase of the salaries for the local elderly.

The Pueyrredón Bridge, which connects that city with the Avellaneda municipality, experienced the repression carried out by the state-run officials who ordered the use of hydrant vehicles and they charged at the demonstrators by hitting them.

The demonstration was demanding an increase of the retirement payment about a 30% to face the increasing economic inflation and the increased-tax policies which are affecting all the local population.

By Ana Teresa Badía

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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