The fabulous bill for a useless death

2010.03.11 - 19:02:56 /

Desperate to bill and charge for the service, the protagonists of the last chapter of the defamatory campaign against Cuba are rushing to claim the U.S. government to pay them their usual millions.


The quote is verbatim (bad grammar is "failure of origin") of an article published by the official outlet of the Miami mafia (Nuevo Herald), signed by Pedro Roig, appointed by George W. Bush as president anti-Cuban monster misappropriating the name of the Cuban National Hero:


”This has been a difficult year for the budget of Radio and Television Marti and it is sad that some Cubans with influence and access to the U.S. Congress were silent and did not join the effort of those who fought to avoid the 7 million dollar drastic cut that hit the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB).”


The main argument for this claim is that the radio station “in an unprecedented historical event” (sic), gave coverage to the death of an inmate for common crimes, turned by the subversive machinery into a “political martyr”


The center of propaganda against Cuba is in the vortex of a controversy within the US-based counterrevolution mob, which accuses it of ineffectiveness of its attacks on our country.


Despite the cry for more money, currently the world’s only invisible television spends huge sums of U.S. taxpayers dollars in an attempt to take the signal to our country, in which four platforms are currently used for transmission.


A report published by the Chicago Tribune revealed that Roig hired his wife's nephew as chief of staff, while the notorious Cuban terrorist Luis Zúñiga Rey receives 100 000 dollars every year as a member of the Board of Directors of the radio that one hears and of a television that nobody watches.


If that was not enough, “Chema” Miranda, who was director of programs in the invisible TV, confessed before a criminal court in Miami having received 112 000 dollars in bribes.


The chain of corruption


Without blushing at the pain of the family, other voices are also shaking up the name of the deceased as a standard, and are demanding the millionaire contributions approved by the U.S. Congress to fund the war against the Cuban Revolution, frozen by the present Government.


A certain Frank Hernandez, executive director of a self-titled group called Support for Democracy in Cuba, said his small organization only has enough money to keep running for a few more months. They received over 12.5 million USD over the last decade, ostensibly to help the mercenaries on the island.


He also passes the hat around now to demand for their assistance in the defamatory campaign and told the AP:


“People will say they do not need food because they are on a hunger strike, but their families need food, children need food and not all of them are on the hunger strike”


Since the arrival of the new administration in the White House, it has been reviewing the use of federal funds for subversion in Cuba, but squandered by those who settled in Miami the lucrative industry of the counterrevolution.


According to the very Miami press, the money was spent on paying personal bills not related to anything in the established destination, and some alms got to the employees in the “opposition”.


The debate over the spoils also occurs on this side of the Straits of Florida, where mercenaries are fighting for their payment for playing the “political dissident” and recruiting naive people, whom they dazzle with leftovers of the lavish cake.


In their effort to justify the salary from Uncle Sam, they care little if their images appear in the international press surrounded by sophisticated communications equipment, not accessible to ordinary Cubans, as is the character they play in the farce.


From beautifully furnished house, wearing expensive clothes and amid much “expensive stuff” they try to trick unwary people who live in the humblest segment of Cuban society, which they claim to represent.


The advertising show is in full swing these days and the turn is for a “veteran” in hunger strikes, who is now in its number 23, according to foreign correspondents in Cuba, who follow his dramatic performances, including CNN in Spanish.


Thanks to propaganda “miracles”, the imperial machinery makes him the victim of an alleged dictatorship, but for smart people is hard to swallow that pill, because no one would dare in a true dictatorship such audacity, without receiving a ticket immediately to the other world.


A common criminal for a case of violence against a woman which took him to prison, he found in the “political dissidents” the shield to try to evade punishment and to create a false biography as a political opponent.


This ridiculous psychologist turned overnight into a journalist without a title, has said that this time he is willing to die, but the sources themselves recognize that he was taken, at his request, to the local hospital (where he was treated for free) to assess his health.


Another attempt of blackmail. The answer, even they know it.

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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