The Primary Elections in Chile

2017-07-04 09:21:34 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Primary Elections in Chile

The former president, Sebastián Piñera and the leader Beatriz Sánchez, won on Sunday in the presidential primary elections in Chile after having checked the one hundred percent of the votes.

In the primary elections from Chile, Sebastián Piñera, who was the president between 2010 and 2014, obtained 674.721 votes (56.86%) above Miguel José Ossandón that got 340.041 votes (28.66%) and Felipe Kast who was favoured with 171.853 votes (14.40%), respectively.

In the case of the Frente Amplio party, that female journalist, obtained 198.444 votes (67.94%), followed by Alberto Mayol 96.637 votes (32.06%).

In the case of the Frente Amplio party, Beatriz Sánchez celebrated her triumph by announcing the releasing of a third bloc that was beyond the classic political duality in the southern nation.

The Primary Elections in Chile

“Today, it begins a new political history of Chile. A third political party that starts disputing the power. They know it and are feeling fear about us.” Beatriz Sánchez, who defeated the sociologist Alberto Mayol, pointed out.

Beatriz Sánchez showed herself sure about the Frente Amplio party in the general elections in the upcoming November when it is chosen the replacement of the president Michelle Bachelet.

“We are going to win the first round and the second one of each election for a deputy in Chile.” She stated.

“They are feeling in despair about a woman assuming the leadership and not the narrow views they watch the reality. Moreover, it would be the first feminist government of the history of Chile if she won the elections.” She added.

The Primary Elections in Chile

As part of her speech, she said that the Frente Amplio party had come to stay and stated that the lists of candidates of her party had surpassed the obstacle of the of the left-wing party movement.”

They are all feeling in despair when they hear a woman saying that she would hear before taking a decision and they are feeling in despair when they hear that a woman admits a mistake and they would never do it. They feel desperate when they see a woman who assumes the leadership to her way and not using the narrow perceptions with which they watch the reality.” Beatriz Sánchez expressed before the applauses of the audience.

About the primary elections

The primary elections in Chile had two coalition parties for the presidential elections on November 19th:

Chile Vamos is a coalition party that includes four center-wing parties and the right-wing ones of which Sebastián Piñera, Felipe Kast and Manueal José Ossandón are part of them, and the Frente Amplio partry includes the parties or left-wing movements of which Beatriz Sánchez and Alberto Mayol are part of them.

The Nueva Mayoría party will not participate in the presidential primary elections and its two candidates, Alejandro Guillier and Carolina Goic, will get to the first round.

The Primary Elections in Chile

Profiles on the candidates who were to the primary elections of the Frente Amplio coalition.

The Frente Amplio political coalition began intensely in the Chilean national policy since its official formation in January 2017.

Beatriz Sánchez: The representative of the Revolución Democrática (Democratic Revolution), who is an autonomist movement and other fives movements, enumerates among her proposals both the retirement of women at the age of 60 and the demand of the social movements. She is a journalist.

Alberto Mayol: the sociologist, who is the standard-bearer of the Nueva Democracia party, the Izquierda Cristiana and the Socialism of Allende, includes the increase of the taxes to the big enterprises and nationalizing the 20% of the strategic enterprises which us natural resources.

Profile on the candidates who were to the primary elections representing the Chile Vamos party

Supported by the local political parties Revovación Nacional (RN), Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI) and the Partido Regionalista Independiente Party (PRI), the former president aspires to achieve a third presidential candidacy after his victory in 2009 and his proposal in 2005 when he lost his elections against Michelle Bachellet.

The Primary Elections in Chile

He focused his electoral campaign on promises about the economic growth, the reduction of the unemployment and the struggle to curb crime. However, the former president faces judicial investigations for cases of an allegedly corruption and incompatible business, as well as it was also criticized by offensive statements linked to the violence of gender.

Manuel José Ossandón: The pre-candidate states a more radical right-wing tendency than his former head of state. Moreover, he states to be against a savage capitalism in the economic sector and he has mentioned radical proposals in terms of safety. He also stated to be against the homosexual marriage.

Felipe Kast: Supported by the Evolución Política party (Evópoli). He appears as the third option of a right-wing coalition that is part of an option of a three percent, according to the surveys. That party has its political fundamentals on an economic and liberalism values, apart from focusing his high assets on the great part of its young representatives, including Kast.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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