The Return of the Left-Wing Trend in Argentina

2019-10-31 10:23:16 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Return of the Left-Wing Trend in Argentina

“I want to thank you all the Argentinian people as it was a historic day for the democracy what it was lived yesterday.” The elected president Alberto Fernández stated.

Alberto Fernández confirmed to meet Mauricio Macri to coordinate the transition, but he recalled that Macri is the president until December 10th.

“The only thing that matters is the fact that the Argentinians stop suffering, once and for all.” He pointed out.

Alberto Fernández also thanked all of those ones who wanted to build a friendly Argentina defending the public education and health by privileging those who produce and work.

“I am sure this is the mandate given by each of those ones who voted for us.” He said.

Alberto Fernández recalled the late Néstor Kirchner when she said: “Thanks Néstor, wherever you could be, because you instilled in us all what we are living now.”

The victory by the 60-year old lawyer Alberto Fernández in the elections carried out on Sunday gives back the left-wing trend and the Peronismo the power in Argentina on a context where the nation experiences a serious economic crisis.

Along with the former President Cristina Fernández as his electoral comrade, Alberto Fernando by the Frente de Todos party, won with the 48.10 % of the votes before the right-wing president Mauricio Macri who obtained a 40.36% which means almost 8 points of advantage.

The triumph by the Frente para Todos party in Argentina represents the Argentinian´s rejection to the neoliberal policies of the International Monetary Fund and the related government by the right-winger Mauricio Macri.

At the same time, it was left the hope about the return of the progressive movements and the left-wing governments of the region.


The Cuban President, Miguel Díaz Canel, published on Tweeter, his congratulations for the Argentinian elected president and pointed out:

“The Great Motherland is celebrating.”

In addition, the Venezuelan head of state, Nicolás Maduro, celebrated Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner´s overwhelming electoral victory and she expressed:

“It is abundantly obvious a triumph that expresses the Argentinian people´s hope.”

The Mexican foreign affairs office´s under-secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maximiliano Reyes Zúñiga, on his part, wrote on Twitter:

“We shall work with the elected president since the first day for the Latin American unity to benefit our nations.”

Likewise, Evo Morales, who is the president of Bolivia, sent his congratulations and a revolutionary hug to our brothers Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner.

Nayib Bukele, who is the Salvadorian president, also used Tweeter to congratulate Cristina Fernández:

“On behalf of the Salvadorian people, we wish the best for the governments and we hope to work together for our nations.”

From China, Geng Shuang, who is the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign affairs Ministry, congratulated the new president on behalf of that Asian nation.

“China congratulates Mr. Alberto Fernández for his victory in Argentina´s general elections. We are sure that under his leadership Argentina will reach a new progress in its development.” He highlighted as well as the will to collaborate and creating strategic alliances to reach the Argentinian people´s stability.

“China gives great importance to our bilateral relations and it is ready to carry out joint efforts with Argentina to achieve an stable progress of our association, as well as more benefits for our peoples.” He pointed out.

President Sebastián Pinéra congratulated Alberto Fernández due to his great victory in the elections carried out on Sunday as well as the Argentinian people due to its exemplary and democratic election with a wide participation.

As it was expected, the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro was different when he stated:

“Argentina chose wrongly. I do not want to congratulate him. We are not feel angry now; we will wait to see his real political position as he is going to assume the government. He is going to analyze what is happening and we will see which line he will be taking.” He pointed out from the United Arab Emirates.

Who is Alberto Fernández?

The Return of the Left-Wing Trend in Argentina

He is a 60-year old lawyer and she worked as the late Néstor Kirchner´s cabinet chief and Cristina Fernández´s one in 2008 when he resigned.

Telesur network channel recalls that his meeting with the former head of state took place in December 17th, and after almost 10 years, they recovered the friendship they had had.

“We eliminate all our differences which allow us to wok trusting one another.” Alberto Fernández said in an interview granted to the local Página 12 newspaper.

Since that moment on, he began to work for the Peronismo unity due to the social and economic catastrophe that was being caused by the policies driven by right-winger Mauricio Macri.

“Cristina alone is not enough to do it. However, it is impossible without her.” He said in 2018.

It was already as a candidate to be the president by the Frente de Todos Party; Alberto Fernández keeps in the different areas many of the ideas applied by Néstor Kirchner as a then president and him as a cabinet´s chief from May 2003 to July 2008.

The Return of the Left-Wing Trend in Argentina

By Ana Teresa Badía

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