The terrorist Attack in London

2017-06-06 09:49:47 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The terrorist Attack in London

Three men ran over with their van some passers-byes who were walking along the famous Bridge of London, before abandon their vehicle and stabbing some people at Borough Market that is a zone surrounded with bars and restaurants.

According to Sky News, it was sought the house of one of the doers of the terrorist attack. The police killed three men, just eight minutes later after the warning of the accident. However, their identities were not broadcast, publicly.

There have already been twelve people detained on Sunday due to the terrorist attack which caused seven people dead, including the aggressors and the first British head of state, Theresa May, which attributed it to the extremist Islamic attack.

By the end of the extraordinary meeting of its safety committee, Theresa May said the nation is facing a new way of threat whine the attackers copy one another and feel inspired by the evil ideology on the Islamic extreme terrorism.

“The terrorism fuels the terrorism and the attackers come into action without previously-planned plots by them as they copy one another by using the most ordinary means.” Theresa May pointed in a meeting.

Almost all the British political parties canceled their electoral campaigns on Sunday. However, the general elections will continue as scheduled on June 8th.

It is about the third terrorist attack in the United Kingdom in less than three months after the one which caused 22 people killed in Manchester on May 22nd at a concert carried out by Ariana Grande and the terrorist attack that took place near the Parliament on March 22 nd when a man run over the people who were then crossing the bridge of Westminster, and after that, that man stabbed a police officer. This caused a dead toll of five people dead.

More Details

The terrorist Attack in London

There are 36 people who are currently hospitalized and 21 of them continue in a critical condition, according to the emergency services.

The major of London city, Sadig Khan, said that the anger and pain of the city was indescribable.

“We are all dismayed and angry today. However, this is our city and we will never allow those cowards win, let alone we would feel intimidated by the terrorism.” He said in a communique.

Meanwhile, London was going back to normality on Monday and there were some details which came out from the quick response from the police and the terrorists on Saturday.

“There are eight police officers who shot 50 times to the three attackers to neutralize them.” Mark Rowley, who is the sub-commissioner of the special police operations of the Metropolitan Police Service, said.

Mark Rowley´s office is the main one against the terrorism in that nation.

Three days before the election

The terrorist Attack in London

The police action to dismantling the net of the attackers of the bridge of London is produced just a few days before the British citizens could attend to the ballot boxes

The vote for the general elections will start at 7:00 pm on June 8th to decide if the first minister will continue being the leader of that nation.

The Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the National Scottish Party suspended their campaigns on Sunday for the second time in this electoral process.

The parties had cancelled their events due to the attack in Manchester after the concert carried out by Ariana Grande at the end of the last month.

The surveys showed a really close result in the last weeks by an overwhelming advantage over the Conservative Party of Theresa May. However, it is not clear how the result could be affected by the terrorist attack.

By Ana Teresa Badía

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