The Venezuelan One Hundred Bolivar Bill to be out of Circulation

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The Venezuelan One Hundred Bolivar Bill to be out of Circulation

The $100.00 Bolivar currency, which is the highest one in Venezuela, will have not value since Friday and it will be substituted by another currency.

In the last days, the President Nicolás Maduro has denounced that there are some Mafia groups in the Colombian and Venezuelan border which hoard the Bolivar currency, specially the aforementioned one) to get subsided goods in Venezuela that are later resold by achieving huge profits.

The government measure is aimed at creating logistic difficulties for those dealers who have ended with a large volume of that currency that is about to be out of circulation.

Next week, there will be new Bolivar bills of $ 500, $ 1000 $ 2000, $ 5000, $ 10.000 and $ 20.000, respectively.

“I have ordered Reverol, the Venezuelan Minister of Interior, to carry out a meeting with the Venezuelan bank association by coordinating the withdrawal of $ 100 Bolivar currency in 72 hours.” Nicolás Maduro said on his weekly television program.

“As Monday is the day off for the local banks, the deadline of 72 hours will start on Monday and we have to continue affecting those criminal groups. We are going to continue applying those groups of decisions to defend our nation from the attack carried out by them from Colombia.” Nicolás Maduro added.

Nicolás Maduro said that once the three-period concluded, there would be 10 additional more for those people who could exchange their $ 100.00 Bolivar currency for those ones of the same kind and / or depositing them into their bank accounts.

The Words by Nicolás Maduro

According to the Bolivarian government, the stores of the $ 100 bills are in Colombian cities mainly. They are in bordering cities such as Cúcuta and even in neighboring municipalities from Brazil; therefore, Nicolás Maduro ordered to close all the land, air and sea accesses so that those bills, which were taken by them, could not get back.

“You keep your fraud with you. Those Mafia groups have to be affected and Nicolás Maduro requested the highest legal punishment for all the responsible of it, regardless of their surname.”

The Venezuelan head of state reiterated the need about continue working through diplomatic channels so that the Colombian government forbids the selling of Bolivar currencies at higher rates than the official one in some places of the border.

New Bills

The Venezuelan One Hundred Bolivar Bill to be out of Circulation

The order about that withdrawal has been given before the beginning of the circulation of new coins and bills which increases until $ 200 the value of the local $100 bill.

The Venezuelan government hopes this to happen gradually since next Thursday, along with the implementation of the new $ 50 and $ 100and $ 500 Bolivar currencies so that it could be later used the $ 1000, $ 2000, $ 5000, $ 10.000 and $ 20.000 bills, respectively.

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) highlighted that the new bills will be distributed through its venues from Caracas city and Maracaibo one and through all the local bank system of that nation.

At present, there are bills of $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100 Bolivar currencies. The lack of catch affected the Venezuelans, taking into account that it has been necessary much more bills to be able to pay the goods.

A general failure in the local cash dispensers on December 2nd, and a similar one in relation to the payment through the debit and credit cards, was attributed by Nicolás Maduro to an economic attack aimed at causing an economic collapse and that was the reason by which there were up to six directors from the local Credicard financial enterprise, who were incarcerated.

To prove his denunciations, Nicolás Maduro showed some images about the batches of bills which had been hoarded in Colombia, Brazil, Germany, the Check Republic and Ukraine, among other nations. He detailed that it is calculated that there are over $ 300.000 millions of Bolivar currencies already controlled by those international criminal groups as part of the economic war that is carried out against that Bolivarian nation.

The Venezuelan government continue demanding, through the diplomatic channels since some months ago, the elimination of the 8 Resolution which allows to price the Bolivar currency by making easier the presence of the local Mafia groups in Cúcuta that attack the Venezuelan currency.

By Ana Teresa Badía

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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