Cuban medical brigade in Gambia condemns US discredit campaign

2020-04-06 15:36:33 /

Cuban medical brigade in Gambia condemns US discredit campaign

The Cuban Medical Brigade in Gambia rejected "the immoral and discrediting campaign" carried out by the United States against the solidarity medical aid that Cuba offers to different countries of the world in midst of the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement published on the website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the brigade reports that despite the cruel and prolonged blockade that

Washington has imposed on its country for almost 60 years, "our small island in the Caribbean demonstrates its commitment to international solidarity by sending doctors to face this terrible epidemic.”

According to the text, the prevention of the arrival in Cuba of a donation from China (by Alibaba company) to combat COVID-19 is a genocidal act; "once again the brutal empire shows its real face," it adds.

The members of the brigade reaffirm their commitment to international solidarity and express that Cuban doctors and health personnel will be on the front line of combat facing that silent and faceless enemy that COVID-19 is.

Once again we reiterate our rejection of the interference and effort of the United States to attack and harass Cuban medical cooperation under unfounded excuses and for political purposes, the document says.

With this media and harassment campaign against Cuban collaborators, the US government only seeks to tarnish the altruistic and solidarity image carried out by the Caribbean island, and constitutes not only an offensive act against the country, but also against the rest of the world.

"Cuba will continue to send doctors and not bombs to the world. Go ahead our Titans in White Coats, humanity waits for us. Long live solidarity! Long live Cuba! Down with the blockade!”, the statement noted.

On the other hand, the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Gambia described as extraordinary and wonderful the efforts that the Caribbean nation is making in providing aid to many countries affected by COVID-19, a pandemic that has left more than 70,000 dead in the world, “it threatens the life, economy and well-being of all nations. "

In a public declaration, the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association stresses that they are also aware of Cuba's experience in dealing with complex situations such as that of the new coronavirus, because its medical brigades have always been present in all corners of the planet, saving lives and healing the peoples.

The note adds that Cuba will never be alone in the fight against the blockade of the United States because it will be accompanied by Gambians and grateful African peoples.

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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