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Intl. Solidarity, more Necessary than ever in the Case of The Cuban Five

2010.02.05 - 13:53:52 / ACN

HAVANA, CUBA.-  Relatives of the five Cuban heroes incarcerated in the United States for warning their country about terrorist acts against it, underlined on Thursday in this capital that international solidarity is now more necessary than ever to obtain their freedom.


Mirta Rodriguez and Magali Llort, the mothers of Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, respectively, told the almost 270 members of the South American Brigade of Voluntary Work now on the island that this year is of great significance in the struggle for the release of from prison of the Cuban Five, as they’re known internationally.


In view of the imminent exhaustion of appeals in this case, it only remains for defense lawyers to apply for a writ of habeas corpus, which they plan to resort to in June, so only international solidarity will be able to achieve the release of these five men, they assured.


For more than 11 years now, Antonio and Fernando, as well as Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino and Rene Gonzalez, are serving harsh and unjust sentences, as a consequence of a biased trial that ended in 2001, held in Miami, Florida, where the terrorist groups these men were monitoring, operate.


A member of the Brazilian delegation made reference to some of the actions carried out in Rio de Janeiro, among them the sending of letters to US senators by trade union representatives, and the creation of a committee of parliamentarians in favor of The Five.


Argentinean Cecilia Martinez, who visits Cuba for the seventh time, told CAN about her solidarity with this cause.


Young Chilean Tamara Contreras defended Cuba’s legitimate right to defend itself from its enemies operating in US territory, something for which these men were fighting for.


In view of the need of making the just nature of this cause known, she called for an increase in the spreading of the truth about this case, for which several organizations are working in Chile, by way of their publications, the use of information technologies, and the carrying out of demonstrations and rallies.


Argentinean professor Marcos Candelino criticized the silence of the press with regard to unusual events like the recent climbing of the Aconcagua –the highest mountain in The Americas-by young mountaineers who put a flag on its peak as a symbol of their demand for the release of The Five.


The Brigade, in Cuba since January 24, will conclude on Sunday its activities on the island, among which voluntary agricultural work, visits to places of historical interest, and meetings with representatives of mass organizations, stand out.

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