Lawyer Jose Pertierra Dennounces New Farce in Posada’s Case

2010.04.27 - 10:01:36 /

HAVANA, CUBA.-  Jose Pertierra, the lawyer that represents Venezuela in the request of extradition of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who took refuge in the United States (where he has remained over the last five years), denounced on Monday the new farce in this case.

In statements by telephone from Washington, the jurist told journalists at the Round Table program aired today by Cuban radio and television that the postponement of the meeting that had been scheduled was announced by judge Kathleen Cardone, at the request of the attorney general’s office, claiming that it failed to realize it had other commitments for May 20, the date established for the meeting.

Pertierra emphasized that the purpose of that hearing was only to inform the judge about the legal state of the case, so she decided the date the trial will take place.

She recalled that most of the documents related to the process remain sealed and are not accessible to the public; that the reasons for the postponement originally announced by the judge of El Paso, Texas, are not known; and that only the lawyers and the attorney general will probably attend the aforementioned meeting.

The expert pointed out that Posada will actually be tried for being a liar and not for his crimes as a terrorist, like the act of sabotage carried out against a Cubana airliner that exploded in mid air in 1976 killing all 73 people on board or the assassination of Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo by way of a bomb at the Copacabana Hotel in 1997.

He also recalled that Venezuela requested Washington the extradition of Posada Carriles in June, 2005, shortly after his illegal entry in the US, and underlined that since that date the US attorney general’s office hasn’t made a decision. They “keep us dancing” with a case of perjury that they hasn’t even been tried yet, which evidences an attitude of protection towards the criminal.

With regard to the possibility of finally trying Posada for his crimes, Pertierra said that we would have to wonder how old the assassin would be by the time that moment comes, which makes people think that perhaps the US administration is hoping he’ll die before then, since he’s a man advanced in years. 

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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