300. 000 People Benefited by the Heberptot-P in the World

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300. 000 People Benefited by the Heberptot-P in the World

There are around 300,000 people in the world are being benefitted by the Cuban Heberprot-P medicine that is unique of its type and used for the patients who are suffering from diabetes as it reduces up to 70 % the of the amputation of the foot due to ulcers.

“There are a total of 422 million people with diabetes in the world and there are over 60 million out of them who experience a foot’s ulcer at certain period of their lives, along with an amputation risk.” Milda Tamayo Pérez, who is the specialist of the Genetic Engineering of Havana city, said.

Milda Tamayo Pérez offered some related data on the recent local Health Care attention day which was carried out in Cienfuegos city with the presence of patients and specialists in nutrition, internal medicine, geriatricians, angiologists, podiatrists and psychologists.

“They talked about how to carry out healthy life styles and a much better fight against that disease, as well as admitting the related achievements in Cienfuegos, besides, we had only five amputations of patients who were being treated last year and we are planning to reduce that number this year.” Milda Tamayo Pérez pointed out.

300. 000 People Benefited by the Heberptot-P in the World

The Heberprot-P is a very important medicine because it allows the patients’ inclusion in their social life, the quick scar formation process of an injury, the effective granulation of the injuries and it prevents the amputations from happening.”She highlighted.

It is a medicine created in Cuba that has turned ten years of having used in the nation recently and it is present thorough all the local polyclinic centers which could need them, even free.

That program is applied by the doctor, Ivón Marrero who is an angiologust and the graduate, Anaisa del Sol who is the promoter for the Public daily health care service for the patients in the wards of the Doctor Gustavo Aldereguía Lima Hospital.

Cuba keeps signing contracts in many nations for the trade of that medicine with the European Union and Russia. Cuba keeps similar programs in Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua, respectively.

By Mireya Ojeda

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