Acting Performance from 2019 Awarded in Cuba

2020-02-26 06:13:26 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Acting Performance from 2019 Awarded in Cuba

At the National Bernardo Menéndez Dubbing Context, the award was granted to Lezvy Samper due to the Best Female Performance and Alberto González due to the Best Male Performance and both of them due to the work entitled´Un jefe en pañales.´

The local Radio Progreso station was granted all the awards of the National Acting Contest through Antonia Valdés, taking into account Marisela Rodríguez, Yul Martínez and Nila Sánchez were awarded through the main female Performance, main Male Performance and the Cast Performance, respectively.

On its edition number 20th, the National Eloísa Álvarez Guedes Humorist Performance Contest congratulated Elvia Pérez due to her performance in the show entitled´Y tú qué has hecho? While the Male Performing Act and Humorist Performing categories were empty.

Regarding the Movie category, the performances by Lily Santiesteban in the film entitled´Havana Selfie ´and Milton García due to his performance in the film entitled´Fin,´ were awarded.

The Caricato award also considered the artistic performances of the work with children as it recognized through the National Hermanos Camejo Theater for children with the Play ´Guiselle´ in the Female Acting category while Víctor Ariosa was the best male actor through his performance with the play ´Unipersonal´, and Rubén Darío Salazar was awarded the prize through the play entitled´Cantándole a la vida.´

The jury decided to award Keny Cobo due to to its character Beatriz in the soup opera entitled´Entrega´ as part of the National Enrique Santiesteban Contest.

In addition, the winner of the male category was Alejandro Cuervo due to his participation in the short film entitled´ Más allá del límite.´

According to the jury of the National Theater for Adults Conest, Francisco Covarrubias, the best work in 2019 was carried out by Osvaldo Doimeadiós through the work entitled´Oficio de la Isla´, the best female leading role was granted to Yeni Soria for her performance in the play entitled´ Personas, Lugares y Cosas´, and Caleb Casas highlighted due to her role in the Play entitled´Hierro´ in which Rachel Pastor highlighted as an artist of the cast.

In the Gala event there was a special occasion for granting the Caricato Honorary Award to outstanding figures of the national culture such as the actresses Miriam Learra, Ofelita Núñez, Nieves Riovalles and Paula Alí. The National TV awards 2004 and 2007, respectively, named Fela Jar and Martha del Río, the National Prize of the Radio 2004, Carmen Solar, the National Prize of Theater 2017, the National Hero of Work 2020 and director of the Papalote group in Matanzas province, as well as to the actress Nanci Campos from Santiago de Cuba province.

By Yaicelín Palmas Tejas

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