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Alicia Alonso Participates in a Scientific Colloquium in London

2010.04.12 - 19:32:07 / ACN

HAVANA, Cuba. - Alicia Alonso, who travelled to the United Kingdom heading the Cuban National Ballet Company (BNC) as part of a European tour, took part in a scientific colloquium at the London Metropolitan University.


The prima ballerina assoluta was especially invited to participate in a session of “Connecting Conversation”, during which a psychoanalyst speaks with a personality from the world of art in the presence of a public that can also ask questions in one segment of the dialogue.


These events are sponsored by the Freud Museum, the Psychoanalysis Institute and the London Metropolitan University, among other centers.


Alicia Alonso had a long conversation with psychoanalyst Luis Rodriguez de la Sierra, at a jam-packed Henry Thomas Hall of the aforementioned university.


Several aspects of the artistic career of the artist were tackled during the dialogue, as well as details on the creative activity of the ballerina, choreographer and professor.


Alicia’s explanation on her methods of choreographic creation, taking into account her visual difficulties and her brilliant performance in an artistic expression based on images and the composition of lines, was of special interest for the public.


Cuba’s National Ballet Company, headed by its General Director, will soon end its presentations in London, which will then be expanded to Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.


According to BNC sources, the company will also travel to Paris to perform in the tribute that will be paid to Alicia Alonso at Enghien Les Bains.

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