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Attack against Cuban embassy is the result of instigation to hatred and violence, the U.S. Govt. must answer for this, Cuban FM says

2020-05-13 12:19:19 / ACN

Attack against Cuban embassy is the result of instigation to hatred and violence, the U.S. Govt. must answer for this, Cuban FM says

Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said on Tuesday that the recent terrorist attack against the island's embassy to Washington is a direct result of an official policy of instigation to hatred and violence against Cuba.

Rodriguez Parrilla explained in an online press conference that the author of the attack was Alexander Alazo, a Cuban-born man who has been living in the

United States since 2010, and at the same time he recognized the swift action of the police force and secret service.

He denounced that the U.S. government and the State Department of that nation have chosen to silence this terrorist attack and no public statement has been made, which is why it is necessary to denounce such complicit silence.

He also reviewed the facts while showing images and detailing that the person had planned the attack in advance, and on the day of the attack he traveled with weapons and ammunition, so it was an intentional fact.

This cannot be seen as an act separate from the aggressive policy, hate speech, and permanent instigation to violence by U.S. politicians and anti-Cuban extremist groups, Rodriguez Parrilla added.

Alazo fired 32 projectiles at the diplomatic mission where a dozen Cuban officials were present, and it is necessary to ask the U.S. government why it should not send dissuasive messages in the face of these terrorist acts, the Cuban minister indicated.

The terrorist declared himself a follower of the current U.S. president, wrapped himself in the flag of that country and offered no resistance when he was arrested, the Cuban diplomat sentenced.

There is evidence of negligence in the behavior of the U.S. government, which did not respond to information of this nature, he continued.

The Cuban FM noted that Alazo had a license to carry weapons, had obtained an AK-47 previously, and two weeks earlier had done an onsite search of the Cuban embassy, so the U.S. government had failed to prevent an attack about which it had received sufficient signs.

Rodriguez Parrilla also said that legal documents show that Alazo suffers from a mental disorder and uses medication. However, the document also states that a package of white powder was found in his car, which proved to be cocaine.

I can inform with all responsibility that he is associated with a religious center in Miami, the Jesus Prayer Center in Doral, which is regularly approached by people with behavior in favor of aggression and extremism against Cuba.

It is the duty of the US government to clarify what influence the Miami prayer center had on the feeling of aggression against Cuba and what role the individuals who meet there played.

Complicit silence, he indicated, becomes suspicious when it becomes known that his law enforcers are monitoring violent groups, including those acting against Cuba.

If there was hatred in Alazo's actions, it can be said to be encouraged by the U.S. government and politicians who live off the aggression against Cuba and the promotion of violence by different groups, particularly in Miami, Rodriguez Parrilla warned.

The Cuban government is waiting for the results of an exhaustive and in-depth investigation of this terrorist attack.

The government of that country has chosen to silence, not reject or denounce a terrorist attack that occurred in Washington, with an assault rifle and with the intention of killing, and I reiterate that it is no secret that groups with a history of extremism against Cuba have achieved disproportionate influence in the current government, the Cuban foreign minister concluded.

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