Aurora Bosch and her Positive Influence in the Classic Ballet

2012.10.29 - 17:12:51 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

The Cuban classic ballerine, Aurora Bosch

“The classic ballet is like a therapy for life and human body.” Aurora de los Ángeles Bosch Hernández, who is one of the outstanding figures that honored with her presence the Revista Cultural program of Radio Rebelde station, pointed out.

As for Aurora, “a dancer constitutes the best expression of the human being whose instrument is his/her body; besides, the dancer´s sensibility keeps increasingly developing while dancing and learning and it is also very important that same human being could feel motivated while dancing.” She explained.

“The Cuban dancer has to show spontaneously his nature, as well as that type of rhythm a dancer has while talking or walking and that special grace that makes us all to feel as part of the Latin American mainland.” Aurora de los Ángeles stated.

The emblematic Cuban National Ballet School, which is regarded as the biggest in the world and the most important one in our nation, recently celebrated its five decades of existence and support for renowned ballet figures.

While referring to the aforementioned institution, the famous dancer expressed:” Our school has the essence and the idiosyncrasy that we had been talking a few moment ago. Our Ballet centre follows that tradition from creators such as Alicia Alonso, Fernando and Alberto Alonso.”

It was in the year 1951 that Alicia´s Ballet Academy made the announcement about thirty scholarships for girls. It was precisely at that time when the then little Aurora applied for it and obtained it due to her truly good results. It was since that moment on that she began to experience the incredible path of dance.

“I used to like the precision and the fact of being disciplined with which teacher Fernando Alonso used to demand from me in his lessons. He used to stress mainly on the topic of the technical aspect and in spite of I was an introverted girl, my artistic side began appearing gradually and luckily I had some people around me that helped me a lot in that sense.”

“The most memorable fact that I could mention happened when I had to dance the Lago de los Cisnes play for the first time and I was then helped by Berta Martínez who was a great Theatre director.” Aurora de los Ángeles, who has achieved both a great professional and pedagogical career, recalled.

“While being in Cuba, José Antonio Ruiz, first dancer, director and choreographer of the Spanish National Ballet in Spain, offered me the possibility to teach for his company. It was a really fruitful experience and I was approximately five years working for him; besides, I gave lessons in the Spanish National Dance Company when I was invited by choreographer Nacho Duato. ” Aurora de los Ángeles explained for the local listeners.

During her long artistic life, Auro Bosch has been granted important international awards such as the Gold and Silver Medals of the International Ballet contest held in Bulgaria, as well as the Anna Pávlova prize from the Dance University in Paris, the Dance Critics Special Prize from France, the Gold Medal granted by the National Fine Arts Institute in Mexico, The International Sagitario de Oro Art Prize from Italy and the Medal Dance Merit granted by the Brazilian Dance Council.

Likewise, the outstanding ballet teacher received the 2003 National Dance Prize that was granted by the Cuban Association of Writers and Artist from Cuba and the National Council of Performing Arts; besides, it was in the year 2005 when she was awarded the Emérito Miembro (Emeritus Member) category by the local Association of Performing Artists (UNEAC).

Regarding the preference of this art, the 23rd International Ballet Festival of Havana city will be held soon which will be inaugurated on Sunday, October 28th.

While referring to the upcoming magnanimous event, Aurora offered some details: “I am aware of the interesting things that may happen such as the traditional first night of the festival which is commonly held at Havana’s Gran Theatre; however, it will take place at the National Theatre of Cuba in the Avellaneda room on this occasion which is a huge and ideal stage for that moment.”

During the aforementioned international ballet event, the Havana´s Great Theatre will be housing dances and performances by good ballet companies and representatives from more than twenty nations.

“We will be visited by interesting companies such as the HET National ballet company from Holland, along with the participation of some dancers from the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre and a Ballet representation from Latin America.” Aurora de los Ángeles said.

Through her professional ballet career, Aurora Bosch has left an important work of reference in the history of the Classic Ballet; this is why, the British critic Arnold Haskell wrote in his article entitled ´las joyas del ballet cubano.´ the words:

“Aurora Bosch was as successful as her achievements. It was the well-deserved reward for her iron determination before the adversities; therefore, Aurora emerged from that battle with an amazing and intact technical knowledge and even ready to find the paths which will guide her into an exquisite sensibility.”

By Abel Rojas Barallobre

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