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Book by Edouard Glissant to be Presented in Havana

2010.10.26 - 18:30:18 / ACN

Book by Edouard Glissant to be Presented in Havana
Havana, Cuba.-
A Spanish version of The Antillean Discourse (Le Discours antillais) by Edouard Glissant, from Martinique, will be presented on October 30 in Havana. The book was published by Casa de las Americas Publishing Fund.

Belonging to Our Countries Collection and originally written in 1981, the book comprises a series of essays that vindicate the Antillean’s people’s identity, awareness and inner being; besides they deal with the economic systems or brutal capitalist mechanisms of the black slavery the region inherited.

La Ventana website says Glissant’s book is considered a foundation stone for the Caribbean as it mirrors the Antillean complexity and multiple viewpoints from the contemporary.

Reinier Perez Hernandez, Casa de las Americas editor, told the press the book will be presented by essay writer and literary critic Victor Fowler, academician Ariel Camejo and director of the Center for Caribbean Studies, Yolanda Wood.

Glissant was born in Martinique in 1928. He is the author of a vast poetic and narrative work and is recognized as being one of the most influential figures of the Caribbean.  

Glissant studied ethnology at the Musée de l’Homme and Philosophy at the University of Sorbona. He founded in 1960 the Institut martiniquais d'études and the Acoma publication. He was the director of the Center for French and Francophone Studies of the University of Louisiana. Since 1995 he works as visiting professor of French Literature at the University of New York.

For his enormous intellectual contribution, Glissant has been awarded several prizes such as the Honoris Causa Doctorate of the University of York (Toronto, Canada) and of the University of the Western Indies in St. Augusthine (Trinidad and Tobago), as well as the Laurea ad Honores distinction of the University of Boloña (2004).

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