Challenges for the Higher Education in 2018

2017-10-05 09:09:10 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Challenges for the Higher Education in 2018

Which are the challenges of the local Higher Education for the year 2018? This was the main question of the debates at the National Pedagogic Training Seminary event of this teaching level that was carried out at the local Computing University (UCI).

During a conference about the local pre-grade training, the first minister of the Higher Education, Marta del Carmen, pointed out that the Cuban professionals are different to others from other part of the world.

“We have different professionals due to we have plans of study and we are watching a very particular training. We have always the proper attitude to help a classmate or even solving certain problem, for instance.” Marta del Carmen pointed out.

“Encouraging that autonomous learning of the students, and their usage of the new technologies and updating the books of the basic texts of each career, are some of the actions to form much better professionals in the nation. The current education is not similar to the one from previous times.” Marta del Carmen Mesa pointed out.

“The lessons and the classrooms are not similar to those ones from other times. The current young people has nothing to do with those ones from previous times. The contents of our universities should be a reflection of the current time, that is why, we are calling the requesting the teachers to be more creative through a teaching in which there could be more participation from the students. “Marta del Carmen Mesa, pointed out.

The conception about related works which could solve the needs of each province, along with the improvement of the teaching of English language, are the other of the aspects for the training of professionals in Cuba.

With the presence of Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias and the member of the secretariat and the chief of the department of Education, Sports and Science of the Central Committee of the Party, the National Seminar for the Training of the objectives of the Higher Education for the year 2018 includes other themes like the role of the science and the innovation in the university centers.

By Mirta Guerra

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