Coach Mario Matamoros and the First Defensive Goal

2019-01-28 10:52:50 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Coach Mario Matamoros and the First Defensive Goal

Camagüey is one of the teams that is expected to be competing in the final stage as it has the experienced coach Mario Matamoros, who returns after 15 years without doing the coaching work for the Miuras team, on its list.

Camagüey has one of the best-related schools at preset time in Cuba for the soccer practice. It has a center with all the necessary conditions in terms of food, bedrooms, recreational options, as well as counting on the recently opened Amador Fernández soccer field inside that same center.

Mario Matamoros talked to Radio Rebelde radio station that even though there are some experienced players, the main basic support of that team comes from the lower categories.

“There is a mixture of some old local playesr such as the cases of Armando Coroneux, Raidel Fernández and Danilo Baró with other very young ones who come from the local under 23 and 18 categories. However, the goal is to keep te province among the first teams of the nation.” He said.

Ina addition, Mario Matamoros said that the task is much more complex at present, taking into account that the team had much better talented players

“The team had some men with a great competitive expertise, so we are going to look for keeping ourselves among the main teams of Cuba as we have much more younger players.” He said.

As for Mario Matamoros, it is essential that the team´s aspirations the defensive seriousness and knowing how to take advantage of the spaces which could be left by the opponents.

“We will try to create a great volume of game that could allow us to create some goals occasions and being overwhelming in the defense, besides, we will have more options in terms about continuing advancing in the competition if we do not allow many goals in view of our goal that is to classify among the first teams of the nation´s eastern zone. “ He pointed out.

By Guillermo Rodríguez Gato

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