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Communist Party of China Turns 98 and Focuses on Transformations

2019-07-01 11:46:09 / PL

The Communist Party of China (CPCH) is celebrating its 98th anniversary

The Communist Party of China (CPCH) is celebrating its 98th anniversary on Monday while focusing on achieving the dreams of a modestly-accommodated society and turning the country into a modern socialist State by the mid-21st century.

The group is made up of 90.59 million members and 4.61 million organizations, an increase compared to 2018.

During its 19th Congress in October 2017, the CPCH amended its statutes to include new concepts of governance, thinking and strategies to make the organization stronger and to make progress towards the much-wanted socioeconomic and political revitalization of the country.

The CPCH constitutional document incorporated the notion of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is considered the path to follow to materialize future projections.

That idea makes emphasis on updating laws, transforming the People's Liberation Army (PMA) into one of the world's first-level armed forces and promoting a new form of international relations that will contribute to guaranteeing a better future for humankind.

Among other issues, the document also envisages precise actions against pending challenges such as poverty, pollution, financial risks, sustainable development and corruption, because they might hinder the plans for national revitalization.

The CPCH is also involved in deepening the reform and opening policy that made China the largest center of direct foreign investments and the world's second major economy with an annual average growth of 10 percent, one of the highest in the planet.

The premise now is to prioritize quality and innovation to assure true sustainable development.

Another goal is to eradicate the name of 'factory of the world' by implementing a model of growth in which matters related to efficiency and the environment have a bigger weight, while boosting exports and domestic consumption.

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