COVID-19 and the Patients Suffering Chronic Diseases

2020-03-27 12:30:48 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

COVID-19 and the Patients Suffering Chronic Diseases

The European Commission plays a coordinating role by assisting the members States as part of its answer to the COVID-19 Outbreak. We are also taking measures to mitigate the social economic impact on the European Union.

That commission says there is a high risk of evolution of that infection into a serious one in cases where there were chronic diseases backgrounds such as the cardiovascular ones, weather it was a complication artery hypertension, heart attack or the coronary artery disease backgrounds or a previous heart surgery or heart insufficiency in the III or IV stage.

In addition, non-controlled Diabetes or complications of that disease, taking into account the uncontrolled increase of the glycemia due to the Diabetes affects the immunological system, and there will be more difficulties to defend the body against the infectious diseases and their complications.

The infections on their part, can also unbalance the glycaemia and/or worsening some of the Diabetes complications already present.

In those patients suffering with a chronic respiratory pathology like the chronic obstructive lung disease or Asthma, a viral disease like the COVID-19 might cause the decompensation of such disease that already exists.

In both the Asthma and the chronic obstructive lung disease, it affects the pulmonary Tract, and the patient is more vulnerable to a virus capable to cause respiratory complications.

Those ones, who are suffering from a chronic kidney insufficiency and are already undergoing dialysis, have the highest risk and that can be explained, just like in the case of all chronic diseases due to the weakness of their immune system, and those ones who are suffering from Cancer and are under their related treatment due to many of those therapeutic measures can reduce the immune defenses and making them more prone to the infections.

The one who had an autoimmune disease or self-inflammatory disease such as the multiple sclerosis, lupus disease, arthritis rheumatoid, vasculitis disease or inflammatory muscular diseases. The main risk to have complications is because of the possible alteration of the immune system of those persons, and that is due to the own complications of that disease or the immunosuppressive treatments and corticoid ones.

The patients suffering hepatic cirrhosis, especially at an advanced stage, and finally, it should be included on that list those ones who had a severe obesity where the body mass parameter is similar or higher than 40 %.

Personal Decisions about the treatment should not be taken.

However, it should be very careful, given it is very important to keep the indications on the medicine and not stop taking them at will. That is why; the doctor who prescribed the related treatment should be talked in the first place.

Other fragile people.

Other peoples who are also fragile and get a differentiate health care treatment in the nation are the old ones who are over 70 years old as the immune system weakens in time, and it is not capable fight an infection like the COVID-19 properly; besides, the fragile patients and the congenital immune depressed ones whether it was a congenital immunosuppression or an acquired one is important to watch carefully the symptoms since their earliest beginning.

It is included the congenital immunosuppression where there are lack of elements of the immune response that is present since birthday and the acquired one, secondary to medicines such as chemotherapies for Cancer, immunosuppression medicines, biotherapies or immunosuppressant treatment with corticoid ones.

Keep an Eye on Aids and Transplants.

Those cases also suffering from a non-controlled Aids or a T CD4 < 200/mm3 Cells or those ones, who had an organ transplant or hematopoietic stem cells.

Regarding the blood donations, there is a high risk for the receiver if the donor was infested with SAR-COV2, although Cuba in its first epidemic phase of that disease have also diagnosed patients coming from other countries.

Finally, it should be also included the malignant diseases being treated. It is also consider as the highest risk pregnant women since the third month.

Cuban reality

In Cuba and without being too confident or usefulness fears, it has been possible to keep a close watch on that disease where there have only been diagnosed cases coming from other countries, and there has not been any contagious among the local citizens of the nation. It has been possible to keep the control on the COVID-19 through the local intelligent measures.

By Alberto Quirantes

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