Cuba Held the Technician Date of the Cuban Radio

2017-09-26 06:42:20 / / Translated by: JC Caballero

Cuba Held the Technician Date of the Cuban Radio

This September 25th was held the local date of the technicians of the Cuban Radio and the official recognition to their technical merit began to be delivered since that date on as a way to encourage those ones who have had an outstanding work in that specialty.

The day of the technicians of the Cuban Radio was set to pay homage to the birth of Luis Casas Rodríguez on September 25th, 1906, known as Luisito, who had a great love of the related technical works and the radio. He manufactured a radio ham station by creating the then Q2LC one.

Since that moment on, the first continued broadcastings began on August 22nd, 1922.

Luisito, who was the son of Luis Casa Romero, was the pioneer from whom there were many technicians to date. Those ones who work carry out a hard work on the Cuban Radio and RadioCuba stations in order to secure and guaranteeing those broadcastings on the local radio ones, just like happens in the case of those outstanding technicians of the Radio Progreso station.

The engineer, Antonio José Planas, who is a specialist from the radio of the technical department of Radio Progreso station of the Cuban radio, commented:

“Feeling an immense pride for having this accolade which is deserved by many workers with a long working life, discipline and a proper attitude before all the assigned tasks. I do think that there are many ones who deserve it and they will get it in the upcoming years.

“Eduardo León, who was granted the local technical merit for over 30 years of the renowned work that defines all those decades as occasions with a lot of work, personal effort, recognition and personal satisfaction to get to see the results of the work carried out. Therefore, it is now necessary to keep working and valuing what should be still carried out for the good and preservation of the Cuban radio broadcasting.”

Lázaro Herrera, who is a technician of the Radio Rebelde station and the one that was granted the 90th anniversary recognition of the radio, stated that he loves his work and the fact that he felt moved when he was granted that recognition. The accolade represents all what he had done and all what he should continue doing by making a harder effort to carry out his work with a much better quality on his radio station.

In a world where there have been used new technologies and new communication formats within the radio station sector, the technicians represent a guarantee to keep the broadcasting in spite of the obsolescence of its related equipment. They are driven by their creative ingenuity, their endless training effort and constant dedication on the current and related context.

By Rosa María Godoy

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