Cuba Reiterates Its Position for Mayagüez 2010 Games

2010.01.27 - 15:07:19 /

Cuba Reiterates Its Position for Mayagüez 2010 Games
, CUBA.-  Jose Ramon Fernandez, president of the Cuban Olympic Committee (COC), reiterated Cuba's position regarding its participation in the Mayaguez 2010 Central American and the Caribbean Games.

Fernandez said that “our athletes are continuing their preparation, and every day they increase its intensity, following their training plans and the existence of a clear desire to attend”, reported Granma newspaper this Wednesday.

“We have the necessary economic support, but we also have the responsibility to demand compliance with the just claims that we are doing from the very moment when the seat was awarded to Mayaguez and have been in force for the Organizing Committees for years,” he added.

In this regard, Fernandez said that “we are talking about receiving all the delegation visas (Cuba) without exception, to permit proper landing at an airport in Puerto Rican territory and the security that the charter aircraft used will not be confiscated”

He also referred to the “guarantee for entry and exit of implements and other equipment needed for the event. That the lodgement conditions, internal transportation and other facilities are the same as those assigned to other delegations.”

The leader of the COC also stressed that Cuba demands the organizers to “allow access to the press and other members of the support group which also exist in other athletic embassies. And especially that they implement safety and tranquillity conditions”.

In regard to the support given by the Puerto Ricans Fernandez stated that “last week publicly we expressed our appreciation to the many efforts from Puerto Rico, but none have managed to ensure compliance with the fair conditions posed by our country."

"There are realities that transcend and for which they have neither solution nor guarantees.

Under no circumstances we would admit that the Cuban delegation receives on its arrival in Puerto Rican territory the treatment reserved to citizens from countries they considered terrorist”

"We must remember that the United States government has given us such status in an arbitrary manner, which is an attack and the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry and the sports movement have expressed their total rejection."


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