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Cuba to Host Latin American Meeting on Popular Environmental Education

2010.12.01 - 19:11:23 / ACN

Pinar del Rio, Cuba.- The fourth Latin American Meeting on Popular Environmental Education calls for the social commitment of all human beings with the environment.

On this occasion, workshops, lectures and exhibits, organized by more than 80 delegates from Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Santa Lucia and Argentina – including a Mapuche delegation –– will take place.

The event’s general coordinator, Juan Francisco Santos, expressed his desire to apply the knowledge acquired on environmental protection by involving the community and specialists on the subject.  

Francisco referred to the role of the mass media on this issue, considering it highlights Cancun’s Conference on Climate Change, while an alternative forum for dialogue and action takes place in parallel.  

Nonetheless, this alternative forum is gaining space on Latin America and this meeting in favor of the cultural exchange is an example of it.

Colombian delegate Natalia Rosa talked about the importance of the rational use of the resources within the local, regional and national contexts.

The meeting is organized by the Center of Education and Promotion for Sustainable Development (CEPRODESO), which belongs to the Natural Science Museum “Tranquilino Sandalio de Noda” of Pinar del Rio.

This western province has taken forward several successful environmental projects like those in the National Parks of Guanahacabibes and Viñales.

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