Over half a Billion Dollars from Int’l Collaboration Used for Local Development in Cuba

Cuba benefited in 2009 from works and services valued at more than 530 million dollars, the fruits of economic cooperation programs between international organizations and local governments on the Caribbean nation

Cuban Historian: European Parliament Should Pass a Resolution against Itself

The European Parliament should pass a resolution against itself, given the crimes and killings committed by many of the countries represented in it, said today Raúl Izquierdo, president of the Institute of History of Cuba

Cuban First VP Meets with Chinese Youth Leader

Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura met on Wednesday with a Chinese delegation headed by Lu Hao, First Secretary of China’s Young Communist League, currently visiting the Caribbean island as part of ongoing exchanges with the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC)

Raul Attends Ceremony on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Fidel’s Meeting with Religious Leaders

Cuban President Raul Castro attended on Tuesday the political and cultural ceremony held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Fidel’s meeting with religious leaders

H1N1 Immunization Program to Start in Cuban Eastern Province

Around 88, 500 people from Santiago de Cuba will be immunized against the H1N1 virus in a campaign starting April 1 after the World Health Organization donated the vaccine to Cuba

Chinese and Cuban Communist Youths Meet in Havana

The common points between youth and student organizations from Cuba and China were extolled in a meeting of representatives from groups of both countries held in this city

Cuban Vice President for Strengthening Saving Measures

Cuban Vice President Ramiro Valdes exhorted in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara to strengthen saving energy measures in the residential sector, Granma newspaper reported. The also minister on informatics and communication said that all the people, through political and social organizations, should be involved in that task, the daily stated

Cuba: Real Commitment to Human Rights

The monumental media campaign on Cuba by the United States has precisely its Achilles'' heel on the issue chosen to attack a country that has a real commitment to human rights

Google Bans Cuban Blogger

Internet giant Google INC cut off Cuban writer and essayist Henry Ubieta’s access to his ‘La Isla Desconocida’ (The unknown Island) blog, hosted on Blogger, and blocked his access to his Gmail account

Biographies and Pictures of Candidates for Upcoming Elections on Display

The biographies and pictures of the 34,763 candidates recently chosen for the upcoming nationwide partial elections are exhibited in public places since last Sunday

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